Friday, August 26, 2016

Pink Rodeo Rider {Quilt}

Back in January, I made some baby quilts with Rodeo Rider fabric by Riley Blake fabrics.
 For no real good reason other than I wanted an excuse to play with the rodeo fabrics!

I convinced myself that I could give them as gifts or sell them to some Texan friends. 

 I really loved the colors,  and if anyone knows me well, my favorite thing to do when we lived in Houston was to go to the Rodeo!

 I love the gorgeous Shannon Fabrics, Rosette minky backing. It wasn't a perfect match to the front pink, but it was leftover stash and I just love it for baby quilts.

And the paisley binding again.  I still have some of this leftover and am tempted to make myself another Rodeo quilt for myself to have up in the studio!!

I gave the Baby Rodeo Star to a friend in June. 
 And wouldn't you know it?  Just as I was going to post this one for sale, I got a request for a baby quilt commission from another friend. I was happy to make her a new one, but she loved the girl version I had already made and asked that I monogram it. 

I love how the simple monogram made it shine!

Quilt Stats:
Measures: 36" square
Pattern: Blooming Bliss by Fat Quarter Shop
Fabric: Rodeo Rider by Riley Blake 
Thread: Omni Thread Natural White by Superior Threads 
Quilted: Freemotion meandering on HQ Avante

Ironically, Button ended up needing a blanket to take to school for "rest time" this year, so the boy Rodeo Rider quilt found an owner too!  He wouldn't take his precious "Buddy" blanket because it had to be left there, so he asked me if I had one or if I could make one.  I forgot to take a picture of the embroidered quilt label I made before he took it in. Next time it comes home for a wash, I will do so!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Checkmate {Quilt}

How beautiful is the flannel version by Fat Quarter Shop

 And how different are mine?!?!?!?! 

I chose Riley Blake's Lost & Found Halloween line.
 I liked that it had some darker colors and the lighter/low volume selections.

Just like the pattern, I split (3) Riley Blake 10" stackers into light and dark:
(note: Riley Blake's layer cakes have 21 prints, 
the original pattern calls for 24 dark and 24 light layer cakes.)

I cut my Lost & Found Halloween Black Spider Web yardage for borders and prepped the Lost & Found Halloween Black Stripe yardage for binding.

I started laying out my darker blocks....and quickly had a change of mind. 
I wanted two quilts.  Twin quilts for the two chairs in my family room.

To make that happen, I then had to change course and change the layout.  Instead of a 6x8 rectangle layout?  I chose a 5x5 square layout.  It meant I had to cut some more borders and binding out from the yardage.

The pattern came together very quickly and I had two quilt tops!

Next came the backing.  I ADORED the Halloween Cream Newsprint for backing.
Because of my decision to make two, I had to quickly come up with a pieced backing plan.

Confession:  My edges are wavy because my binding is pinned to the back...I was running out of photo daylight!  Binding is officially complete now!

And if anyone knows me by now?  I avoid pieced backings at all cost.  They were probably the most time consuming part of the entire quilt. Scraps from some remaining yardage and layer cakes mixed in with a black and white ticking and solid black from my stash.

Excuse the missing binding......I promise, they both are finished now!!!

 After I loaded each up on Ole Betsy Longarm, I knew I had to keep the quilting pretty tame since the fabrics were so busy, but I wasn't really feeling like I wanted to do a pantograph pattern.  I chose Superior Threads Omni Medium Gray for the quilting since the backing was cream and black and the front fabrics seemed to hide it well.

For the border, I did a squiggly line that just didn't show up in the photos.  But I'm okay with it.  I know the texture will arrive after they are both washed.
Because of that, I wanted to do some fun things in the bigger blocks.

Spider webs.



 For the low volume four patch squares, I simply did a curved square quilting. 

The binding didn't pop out as much as I had pictured it against the spider web,
but I still loved them together.

I'm just super excited to have to matching Halloween quilts and Button agrees. He was determined to be in the photoshoot this time!

Layer Cake Checkmate Quilt Kit
I think that the original in the blue is fantastic for a masculine quilt, but the pattern is versatile enough to handle the fun novelty fabrics.  Especially the holiday ones!

Quilt Stats:
Measure: 61" x 61" 
Batting: Warm & Natural
Thread: Superior Threads Omni Medium Gray
Quilted on: Handiquilter Avante 18"

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