Friday, June 28, 2013

Piece Out

I have a piecing problem.

I can't stop piecing lately. 

I am trying to blame the clear bins.

They mock me with their cut blocks and cut pieces.


This fabric (Winter's Lane by Kate & Birdie for Moda) is the latest pieced top.  I am patterning testing and can't wait to share the final qulit!

With this addition, I officially have eight pieced quilt tops.

 And two pieced tops for friends.


And I apologize for all the Instagram photos. I've been too busy piecing to take nice photos.

I have never, in my quilting life, ever had this many pieced tops.  I am not sure other than that all the cut blocks mock me.  I have to admit. The heat in the garage right now IS intimidating. But as the Army ROTC cadre used to say when we were training?   Suck it up and drive on.  

At least that is what I am going to try.
I am chaining myself to Ole Betsy this week.  

Anyone else have the problem of being stuck in a piecing rut?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WIP: Windsor Lane Style

Bunny Hill Designs came to my studio.

And threw up on it!
I am in the midst of piecing three quilts.  

Two blue for two boys.

One pink for one girl.

TWO babies plus ONE baby equal?


These fabrics are utterly scrumptious for their nursery.  The photos that I received were of very nuetral gray/beige and very soft pinks and blues.  The cribs? The softest of shades of pink and blue.  Almost a beige/white with just a touch of color.

I think this Windsor Lane line fits the bill!

They decided to arrive earlier than their due date in July.  Very much like triplets do. I had originally thought I would be starting this week.  Instead, I am trying to get these tops done for quilting as soon as possible.

  The boys are off their NG tube feedings and are due home, possibly next week!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mini Sewing Studio Quilt {Modern Mini Quilt Challenge}

True story.

About three weeks ago, I spotted the mini rug I made my husband last year for the Modern Mini Challenge.  I wondered if I had missed it and went to investigate and see if Jennifer from Ellison Lane had it. I couldn't find anything and was a bit sad.

I almost squealed when I saw someone link this years on Facebook!

Crazy, right?  I swear.  I'm not making this up.  I really, really was thinking about it!

Right in time for me to get some creative juices flowing!
This time, I really wanted to challenge myself.
I looked around on my Pinterest Quilt Inspiration board to see what I had on my bucket list.

This sewing studio block By Charise Creates glared me in the eye.

I adore this block.  I do not necessarily adore my execution!
 I am, however, really happy with my fabric choices.

I chose my fabrics all around the lace fabric from Serenata by Riley Blake.  

I saw the lace in the original block on the dress and knew I had to use my hoarded bundle!

I was really happy with the basic solids that were included in the Serenata FQ bundle I purchased from Knotted Thread!  The gray was perfect for the dressform and the nice stippled color of the beige made for a great background.

This is where I keep it real.  You know me.  I always have to keep it real!

I didn't stay closely to the pattern on the sewing machine and spool.  The original design is actually for freezer paper piecing not foundation, so I had to improv a few things.  

I say it just gives it more character.

The only fabrics that are not from Seranata are the quilt on the machine, binding, and backing.  

The binding (and dress belt) is the Orange Tic Tac from Life in the Jungle.
 The backing is a Joann's special that I had no plans for in any near future.  The colors seemed to compliment well enough.

I just loved the notions and tried to get it to look like the tape measure was hanging out of the jar.

The hexagon quilt is a nod to my obsession with English Paper Piecing right now.
  I grabbed the Jungle Hexie Blue!

I started out with just wanting to outline the sewing items, but ended up outlining, and echoing, and echoing, and echoing some more.

Quilt Stats:
Measures: 14" x 14"
Pattern: Sewing Studio Block by Charise Creates
Fabric: Serenata and Life is a Jungle by Riley Blake
Backing: Sewing notion from Joann Fabrics
Binding: Life is a Jungle Orange Tic Tac
Quilting: Machine quilted on domestic machine by myself.

I'm not quite sure where this happy little mini is going to live, but for now, it is going on my giant clipboard behind my machine!

It already has sent good sewing vibes in my studio.
Two quilts cut and I have started to layout another since I finished the binding this afternoon!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Flashback

Remember last week when I was Off the Grid?

Not much is that different.  I did finish a set of burp rags that a friend asked me to make.

I have been tinkering with this block again.

Almost done!!!

Maybe I will even have it done by this afternoon?

Or maybe not??!?!?
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

 I have a million things I need and want to do!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Mug Rug Tag

I've had a few emails inquiring about the tags I had for my thank you teacher mug rugs the other day. I even saw someone pin it and then ponder on the part that was covered by the other mug rugs.

Without further ado.  A mug rug tag.

I CANNOT take credit for this.  
Gretchen, a sewing friend, designed it. 
 She posted it with her cute mug rugs Facebook and I thought it was the best description of a mug rug that I have seen! Not to mention her cute flower and cool font!
 If she had a blog, I would have made her post it and link it to her, but alas, she doesn't.

I tucked mine right in with the mug rugs so that the boys didn't have to explain what it was (especially the two year old) and it also includes the care of it!

I can see it with different fonts and other cute symbols like hearts or a quilt block!

 So THANK YOU Gretchen for the idea. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Off the Grid

Ever feel like you literally fell off the blogging planet?

I feel like my blog is weeping for me and I am just abusing it with neglect.

My week of sewing started out going well.

Toy bags for Button using the Clear Toy Storage tutorial from Make It & Love it.

A little button bag for Button's nesting bowl buttons.
Say that 10 times fast.

I also finished all the remaining Teacher Mug Rugs.

Just in time for the last day of school.

But I didn't find the energy to blog about htem.
Instead, I've been hanging out with the boys since they have been out of school.

Made an ugly cake for one of the boys birthdays (so bad I don't have photographic evidence).
  Ran errands. Ran to dentist/doctor appts.

And I officially learned to knit.  This is a 21x21 inch project.

I started longarming a quilt which I am in love with.

Looks good on top..but my bobbin tension is horrible on the back.  Unpicking time.
 Equates to ignoring time.

I've also fiddled.
I started a sewing studio block.

 I thought it was a foundation pieced pattern, but it is a freezer paper pieced project.  So nw I have to figure out what I am going to do now. 
So I quit.

I've had some embroidery foibles since Thursday.

The embroidery turned out, but the burp rag pattern was way too skinny!

 Last night, I walked away, the tension issues I was having made me crazy.

So I am just going to knit and pray I find some motivation.

Quitting is usually not in my vocabulary.  So maybe we can call it a break?
I took a break from sewing and blogging?

I feel motivation stirring a bit.  But how to take advantage?
I figured I would get back on the blogging wagon.
Maybe catch up on two months worth of blog reading?

What gets you going when you are in a slump?

Friday, June 7, 2013

Chain Quilting {Technique}

No...I'm not talking about chain stitching.  But actual chain quilting!

 I was asked the other day how I had made so many rug mugs in a relatively quick time frame.  First.  A confession...I started them LAST year, May 2012.  However, I did actually do the bulk of the work in one short morning.

I had found a photo on Pinterest of a sweet thank you mug rug and wanted to duplicate the awesome ruled lines of paper on them.  However, I tried to think of the fastest way to get those lines on the squares as quickly as possible and with as little thread change as possible!

I quilted each hot pink line down all twelve squares.  If you actually look at ruled paper, it isn't red, it's pink.  And then a second one 1/4 inch next to the first.  I then followed it with two blue lines (light blue).

 All I had to do was clip in between each square and I was ready to turn them.

 I did not go for perfect.  Just made sure I did the first two lines close at the top and then evenly spaced from there.

 I assembly lined the flowers.  Luckily, my Sissix diecuts came in handy for some quick flowers.

Of course, I had to  chain stitch all of the bindings.  I just angled them and stitched away.

 However, there is no way to magically hand stitch the bindings...and that is why they were not finished in time for last year. 

But I did finish them.  Bindings, felt buttons and all.  

Mug Rug Tag Close-up HERE.

But just a crummy phone picture with Instagram filter for proof!


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