Monday, July 30, 2012

I Need Me.

The other day, Mr. Boss said, "I think I need you more than you need me".

Are you surprised?  Were you expecting me to say "No, honey...I totally need you more" or something really profound or something completely funny?
Yeah.  Me too!

But I didn't.  I was silent.  The words stumbling in my head.  The wheels and gears rapidly turning as quickly as they could in my normally efficient brain.  The only thing that came out was.

"I need me too."

Everyone wants me in this house.  My attention.  My advice.  My labor.  My skills.  My time.
  I have been driving more this summer than I do when the boys are all in school!  I am not even going to list all the things I do in one day, because if you are a normal human being?  I know you are busy, too!

Not to mention that I have more WIPs and UFOs than I ever have had in my entire life!  Normally, I have about one or two projects actually in progress.  I would always have a list of "to dos", but only on paper or in my head.  Now? I have baskets and bins of projects, and projects just laying around..

My newest WIP that is just sitting on my cutting/design island.

...and frankly?  
It is getting overwhelming and frustrating. 
I make calendars and lists and try to organize myself.  

Endless possibilites...until I start filling it up.
And then I get bamboozled by my boys, my husband, my "real" life and the plans become pointless.  

July's Calendar was crumpled by me in frustration.....

Just when I get a handle on laundry or housecleaning, it is time to do it again.

An endless circle of running like a chicken with my head cut off!

And the root of my problem?  I have touched my machines only twice since June 30th.  Vacation, family in town, and the general craziness of summer has prevented it.  And, lately, by the time I lay Button down to bed for the night, I am too tired and exhausted to go in my studio and sew.  Instead, I sit and stare at the tv...not even reading all the blogs that I normally enjoy.  

Okay...I have been doodling.

But really.  I think I have been feeling guilty. 
 Of what, you ask?  
Of taking "me" time.  I ALWAYS feel guilty.

It ends today.

My official announcement?  I will now take Button's naptime as mine.  If the chores aren't done when I lay him down?  Oh well.  I will commence them when he wakes up.  He already likes to load the washer and dryer, and is always taking over my vacuuming.  So why not do the chores when I have a little helper?  We can sing our ABCs while we do it.  We can talk colors.  Or I can just enjoy my free child labor.

And I am taking back some of my nights.
 I won't go in my studio, every single night....the boys and Mr. Boss need me...
but they are going to have to start sharing me with me.

But first.....

I need to take the one of the boys to tennis camp. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Quilted Diaper Clutch

Doesn't the sound of Diaper Clutch sound so sophisticated?

Right before our trip, I bought a Vera Bradley Backpack for our trip to Washington D.C.  When we travel, I like to carry backpacks instead of diaper bags or purses.  I find that it is easier for one of us to sling it on our backs when we have to park the stroller for exhibits at museums, rides at amusement parks, or hiking up stairs when we have to leave the stroller behind.

Summer Cottage by Vera Bradley

The only problem is that, normally, our backpacks are cavernous dark black holes and I am always digging for my diapers.  I am also guilty of owning a black wallet and black bags for items because it just looks clean and neat to me.

I have seen several diaper bags that ladies use, but they all incorporate a changing pad.  However, Button is really getting to the point that we are doing diaper changes so quickly, the pad seems pretty pointless when you are spending half the changing time wrapping it all back up.

It seriously took me about an hour to forage on Google to find a pattern/tutorial I liked.

Until I found I Still Love You!  

She had me at "Poopy Clutch"!

She has three different patterns.
Two NO-sews and one for those who actually like to take off the dust covers of our machines!
And I hope she doesn't mind that I did my typical "tweak" by doing a quilted version!

I rummaged through my fabrics and tried to find a coordinating blue fabric for mine.  I wanted to go outside my comfort zone and go NON-BLACK!

I sandwiched the blue dotted fabric, scrap cotton batting, and Kona Deep Blue and bit larger than the pattern that Melissa provides!

Note: Since it was late at night right before we left, I did not take pictures of the process!

I decided to mimic the diamond quilting on the backpack, however, I opted for a larger diamond and used the dot pattern to guide my size.

I then trimmed it down using the pattern.  I opted to pull out some old bias tape I had in my stash...time was the making it myself!

The tutorial Melissa provides basically requires a button stud, but I knew that Mr. Boss would not stick to my ONLY three diapers rule, so I opted for a button and elastic!

I also could see the fact that they way she has you secure them, you have gaps.  I pictured the boys pulling it out of my bag and all of it falling out on the ground, so I just took a bit of extra time and did a small ladder stitch along the entire edge of the bias tape to secure the bottom three "flaps" together!


All in all, I am EXTREMELY happy!!
I can find it really quickly in my bag!

It holds one wipe case, three diapers, and a tube of Desitin on a regular basis, but I think I caught Mr. Boss stuffing 7 in there one day when I suppose he anticipated a lot of action!

BTW....I really like her site!
 CUUUTE stuff!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

WIP: A Standstill

I seem to be in a holding pattern around here. I looked up at my calendar today and thought?  The 25th!?!?!? After returning from our long family vacation, we had family arrive for a visit and I realize that my Symphony has only been touched ONCE this whole month.  Time to rectify that situation!!! 
 Diaper Clutch
I made this right before we left for our vacation.  I adapted a tutorial I found the night before we left. 

Yes.  I made something the night before we left.  I have definitely lost my mind! 
Stay tuned for more details this week!  With company in town, I just can't get my head together and I need to find the link again!

 Baby Boy Quilts for Twins

I posted details last week!!
In Progress:

 July's Bee block for do. Good Stitches.
Can I take credit for someone else's work?  
I know it is cheating!
  I just wanted to share what has arrived on my doorstep so far!
FANTASTIC, no?  If you are looking for a tutorial I posted links last Tuesday!
No Progress:
Retro QAL (very few blocks pieced)
Twin quilt for nursery (still in design stage)
Christmas quilt (top unfinished)
Baby girl quilt kit
Thank you quilt 
Merry, Merry Snowman BOM

New Projects:

Name Swap

I joined a quilt swap in June, thinking that I would have a ton of time to get a quilt done.  I missed out on Samelia's Mum's first round and was determined to join the second round!
However, it needs to be done the 31st.
  Commence chuckling at me NOW!

Seriously, don't stop laughing.......I just realized I couldn't link up with Freshly Pieced because it is THURSDAY.

Yup...that is my life right now!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Boy Quilts for Twins


I think?

I washed them yesterday and I love how crinkly they are!

And I even remembered to put the label on, instead of last minute, like usual. I have to admit, I will never put a label on a quilt without a frame ever again.  It just makes the label more intentional and a part of the quilt rather than an after thought like I think some of my quilt labels have looked in the past!

And I am REALLY happy with the fact that I chose two different animals.

I really tried to make what are matching quilts, different.  By two different animal appliques, different color orders of their names, and also swapping different fabrics on each quilt to make them not quite exactly the same!

 The only thing I have left to do is to clip some stray threads from washing and I have one debate.

Do you think the giraffe and elephant need a smile? 

 I am debating adding some on real quick before I mail them off tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WIP: Back on Track

Since we have been gone for two WIP Wednesday, I am pretending like I never missed them.  I have to admit, I had a bit of anxiety that I didn't post the past two weeks.  Crazy, I know!
I think it was the fact that I had so many finishes after the last WIP Wednesday.  I was a sewing fiend for a few days trying to get orders, gifts, and bee blocks out.  Unfortunately, I may have completed some, but not ALL made it out to the post office.  It was impossible to get them all out and pack for six of us at the same time!

June Bee Block:  Improv Chevrons for 
do. Good Stitches.

I posted about the process yesterday.  I really love the colors that the lead quilter for June chose.  It really favored her color requests very well.  I always worry that my fabrics won't fit the scheme, so I am anxious to see the final quilt!  (Oh....and I have to laugh when I see this picture.  I was about to hang my blocks with the twine and clothespins, but when I saw them laid out on the pavers....I just took the picture.  Oh well!)

Blowfish Pincushion

 A gift for a friend!  I tested a pattern for a friend and I call her Kissfish in my head.  Totally cute.  I posted about her Monday if you want details and links to the tutorial!

My Fabric Bookcase

 I, of course, had to have at least ONE organization project the Saturday before we left for vacation!  Actually, I decided to put it together because the huge box was in my way.  I am now just waiting for my comic book boards to arrive so all of the fabrics can look more uniform!

Violet's quilt

I finished her...

but I don't have all my photos gathered for it...not to mention I didn't take a picture of it completed.  It was one of the items I quickly sent off because I really wanted to get it to her momma!!!

*Stay tuned:  I also finished three butterfly kisses blankets/items and a diaper clutch for our trip.  I don't have pictures of the blankets, but I do plan on taking some pictures of the clutch in the near future!

In Progress
 Twins Quilts 

Quilted on Ole Betsy right before I left on vacation.  I had about 3/4 of the binding complete right before we left.  Labels affixed.  I finished the last 1/4 of the the second quilt binding yesterday.  I am sending them through the wash so they get a bit crinkly and I need to do good check on stray threads.  Definitely will see them in all their glory in the NEAR future.  I am counting it as a "in" progress since this is the only photo I have!

Button's Cross-stitch Christmas Stocking

One great thing about a trip for me?  I take my cross-stitch along on the plane and car. 

Granted Button took the opportunity to do a bit of screaming because of cabin pressure on his ears and the GIANT molars coming this is all I have.  He also decided to be quite fussy at bedtime which resulted in a bit of no handwork for me at bedtime.  Oh well!  I now am on countdown for Christmas!

With or without his "help".

No Progress

Retro QAL (very few blocks pieced)
Twin quilt for nursery (still in design stage)
Christmas quilt (top unfinished)
Baby girl quilt kit
Thank you quilt 
Merry, Merry Snowman BOM (Block #5 kit arrived...and not a single block started..pathetic, no?)

New Projects

July's Bee block for do. Good Stitches.

I am really excited about it.  I spoke about the block I chose yesterday, if you are interested.  I am debating whether I should make mine NOW or wait until I see the blocks that arrive to me ready to be pieced and quilted....thoughts?

I am so excited for today.  I had 1000+ blog posts in my Google Reader, and I only have 92 today, and most of them?  They are blogs I found through

Click on it and meet some other quilt bloggers that are sharing their progress...not always quilts, I promise!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Do.Good Stitches

I am not sure if you remember, but I was so lucky to be invited to join the charity quilt bee do. Good Stitches back in May.  The "sub-group" I am in is the Imagine. do. Good stitches group and I am responsible for two blocks a month and for planning and quilting the July quilt. 

I feel HORRIBLE that my June block did not make it out in the mail before we left vacation. 
I just did NOT predict how long the June block would take me!!!  Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about the extra "work", I LOOVE that I can work on a project in a short amount of time and not have to worry about the finished product. It really stretches my skills, and I like that.  I think challenge is so important for growth in any hobby...especially quilting!

So without further ado.....

June Block:  The Improv Chevron


I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about improv.  

Via Flickr

I like the ability to not plan the fabric choices or order, but I felt like this block was TOO improv for me. 

Via Flickr

 I think the block itself is GREAT and Anna's tutorial at Six White Horses's  is very clear.  

But I just kept ending up with HUGE leftover scraps.  I needed a way to confine myself so I didn't get all the scraps like above!

 I finally decided to tape pieces of printer paper to make a large 14 inch block.  

The original and final block is for 12.5 inches, but I felt like I needed some breathing room.  I sketched out three sections so that I could have a guideline.

It made things so much easier.

Funny thing is?  I was catching up on my blog reading and on of my fellow bee quilters, Jessica at SewCraftyJess had an even BETTER idea....paper piecing!  She even had the brilliant idea that SCRAPBOOK paper is the same size as the block!  Did I not say BRILLIANT!

**I sent it them this morning via Priority Mail so it gets to the lead quilter for June ASAP!**

July Block:  ET Phone Home

Since I am the lead quilter for July, I took my job really seriously and hunted high and low for a great modern block.  I even had three different tutorials ready to go...until I saw this block at Lily's Quilts!  

image via Lily's quilts
I started following her after the Quilt Blogger's Festival and when she posted the block, I HAD to have it.  The unfortunate part?  I didn't get my post put together for the ladies.  So I tried my best to do it via my iPad when I had a short period of time during our vacation.

My inspiration was always "Independence Day Colors".   I found this image to share with the girls so they knew what color's I was looking for (minus the black/brown).

Design Seeds: Grecian Brights

After spending the last two weeks in the heart and homes of our American independence

 Clockwise:  1. Straining to hold up the Washington Monument  2.  The kid always had a thick skull 3. The tip of my finger mom...easy-peasy  4. My boys after our Capitol tour  5. Mount Vernon, Virginia....George Washington's home.

 I think it is so VERY fitting, don't you?

I asked the ladies to use WHATEVER scraps they had in the reds and blues with a gray background.

National Archives....Home of the original Declaration of Independence.
And, boy! Have they already made some great blocks!  Jennifer actually worked on the math for the pre-cut size pieces that we need for paper piecing!  She is my new quilt math hero!

 For each block, you'll need:

Inner color: 8 2" squares
Middle color: 8 2.5" squares
Outer color: 8 4" squares

Background: 24 2" squares

16 2.5" squares
16 3.5" squares
4 6" x 3.5" rectangles

 Can't wait to share them!!!  I am debating whether I should just go ahead and do mine, or wait and see what type of blocks I might need to do fillers when they all arrive!  What do you all think?  Maybe just one?!?!?!


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