Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Booty

No...not THAT one.  This IS a PG rated blog, you know!

This kind of booty....

Pirate's Cove, Miniature Golf Course, Williamsburg, Virginia

Of the pirate treasure kind!


Jamestown, Virginia, USA

I am feeling a bit "pirate-ish" after downloading about 500+ photos off of my digital camera!  I was even being "stingy" with photos this trip!  Yikes!! I take too many pictures don't I!

Oh...the booty you ask?

A Cross-stitch Shell Cushion kit

Inspired by the design that Martha Washington loved.  Even her China was in the shape of the shell...I saw it at the American History Museum in Washington D.C!!!

I picked the kit up at the Mount Vernon gift shop. I have a VERY special love for Mount Vernon since our home was just down the street for almost five years! I am not sure where this cushion will find a home, but I am sure I will find one!!!

Colonial Williamsburg Scrapbook Paper

I just love picking up great coordinating papers to make a special album!

Amish Quilt Puzzle Block

It is actually not MY booty, but Bunny's.  He couldn't put it down.  He still can't put it down!

It flips around and makes all sorts of different block shapes...more than these photos show. It is pretty addictive to flip it and see a different quilt at every turn!

Colonial Williamsburg Fat Quarter Bundle

I can't tell you how EXCITED I am about this bundle.  I found it at a shop called Craft House in Merchant's Square at Colonial Williamsburg.  

Photo from Craft House website.

I remember drooling in there about 15 years ago when we were on a VERY tight budget.  
This time, I was ready to shop!

There was a small, but pretty great selection of cross-stitch kits and fabric bundles and quilt pattern kits.  I hemmed and hawwed and picked the bundle up above.  The shop assistant informed me that I could get free patterns at Windham Fabrics website.

I didn't know much about the Windham Fabrics, so I googled it when we got back to our hotel.  I found that they made special lines for Williamsburg and the bundle I had picked was the New Town Farm collection.

New Town Farm by Windham Fabrics (Mosaic by me)

I was even more excited when I realized that not only did I have ALL 52 fabrics above in the bundle, but they whole line was archived.  It made the cost much more of a deal when I found that out!

The line has a free pattern, but I want to make sure that I utilize ALL of the fabrics, so I am actually thinking about adapting this pattern.

A new pattern offered by Moda Bake Shop.  It seemed timely that it showed up while I was on the hunt!
  It is called the American Banner Rose by Minick and Simpson. Go and get it HERE.

My goal is to have something done by NEXT Fourth of July!!!!!!!

Oh...and I apologize for the near future...I took a million photos...and well, you know....

I have to share, don't I?


  1. That's quite the bundle! Glad you got to walz into that store armed and ready this time! When Jim was in college, I can't tell you how many times I left fabric stores almost in tears because we just couldn't afford it. I'm about to go on another spree, though ;-) Can't wait to see the rest of your pics.

  2. Gorgeous! I can't wait to see your finished quilt. Beautiful pictures, can't wait to see more.

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