Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy fourth!!!

Can't believe I have finally seen the fireworks in Washington DC after all these years, especially since we lived in the area for five years!!!


  1. Looks like Button was enjoying the fireworks too!

  2. Heidi, how wonderful you got to see the fireworks over the capitol! We watched them on TV for a little while last night before driving out to see the ones in our area. I love fireworks! I hope you guys had a great 4th!

  3. That must have been so much fun!!!!! I visited DC three times....never in July...but that is one city I want my kids to visit sometime. I love the museums!!!

  4. How fun! I used to live in D.C. too! I love that city. : ) (Did we follow each other around or something? LOL)

  5. I sat on Capitol Hill in 1994 and watched the fire works. They were amazing. I hope to take my kids someday.

    1. We had a bit of a blocked view because of a tent...there wasn't much space because of all the construction they are doing on the mall! But they were still fabulous!!! We were unsure if we wanted to see them because of crowds, but it was so worth it. We showed up an hour before they started and had a spot!


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