Saturday, June 30, 2012


I made a lot of progress yesterday!! It was SO exciting!!!

However, I was sidetracked today.  Sidetracked because the bookcase I bought the other day HERE is in my way. 

So instead of just moving the open box and parts in order to get to Ole Betsy to quilt the twins animal quilts? 

I put it together.  Logical, right?

It took the spot where I used to have my ribbon rack.

It is really an old VCR tape rack.

It was not only very functional but a great display for all of my gift wrap ribbons.

I used tension curtain rods to suspend them.

But ever since the arrival of Button and his love to wrap the ribbons around his neck, I had to move all of the ones he could reach due to his increasing mobility, and now growing height. 

The rack has become, basically, a space eater. And the ribbons are in various spots in the closets and cabinets.

I have to reorganize them some day, but they are fine for now.

I also need to find a new home for my large Sissix die cuts.  They used to fit so perfectly on the rack.

I am a bit sad to say goodbye to the rack since it has had so many "lives" over the past 15 years. 
VCR tapes, paperback books, quilts, and ribbon. 

But I can't help but love to have my fabric out of the closet and at my fingertips.

Now I need to redo all the mini bolts because I had random sizes to fit my bins.  They just don't look as pretty as the ones I see online all the time!  The need to be a bit more uniform.

But first,  I need to clean up my mess.

And get back to work......

Pssst.....Thank you Mr. Boss for helping me out!  You didn't have to, but you did anyway!  By helping me build the bookshelf, our teamwork cut the normal assembly time IN HALF.  Not to mention how studly you were finding the studs for the safety straps, so we don't have ANY tipping over problems for Button the mountain climbing Billy Goat.  And you trimmed my design wall boards width so they could still fit behind my door next to the bookcase.

Simply....You ROCK!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WIP: Piles


 ..of thread...waiting to finish Violet's Quilt project.


....Of half finished mug rugs.  I am starting to get sick of trying to finish these to get them out of the way.


 ....of baby boy quilts for the twins waiting for embroidery, quilting, and binding.


....of the last three Butterfly Kiss projects to finish before Butterfly Kisses shuts down for a bit of some MUCH needed vacation.  Which, got a NEW LOOK, if you hadn't notice in my side bar!

Oh...and more piles....

...of fabrics that need to be put away and organized...but I may have been sidetracked.  While the boys are at tutoring or lessons these past few days....I am stuck shopping.
  I found this today.

A Bookshelf

 I needed an organization project, like a needed a new hole in my head!

 I could rattle off my in progress, no progress projects, but nothing much has changed since last week.

But I do have a finish!!!!

But this is all I can share....or else I will be in BIG, BIG Trouble.....

I sure hope I can find some time to get all of these projects finished and out the door by Monday morning....or I will cry.  I think I am in my car more than I ever am during the school year.  I promise I will NOT complain when they go back to school in mid-August...okay?

Linking with Lee at

One of my favorite bloggers that I follow, Felicity @ Felicity Quilts is guest posting today! case you missed it...I finally found a place for Meemah's quilts in the The Useless Nook.  Which I have been spelling by the is Memaw.  Go figure, right?

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Useless Nook

All my projects are in so many different stages of completion right now and I have no pictures of them, so I thought I would share a "decorating" project I recently finished.

I am not sure if you recall Meemah's Quilts

They were my payment for making William's Quilt for a good friend of mine!

I was not quite sure what I was going to do with the amazing vintage, hand sewn Cathedral Window square quilts. 

I have good news....They found their new home.  

I call it the Useless Nook.

Have you seen these types of spaces?  These areas above doorways for you to decorate? 
When we moved into this house, I envisioned a Christmas tree in the winter, summer baskets in the spring/summer, a beautiful fall tableau.  

Ha!  Four years later, it still remained empty. It was such a weird and awkward space and I had other things that I needed to give my attention to that were MUCH more useful.

Until I found the wagon. Ridiculous, but a nod to the Ole West.  We do live in Texas now!

Then I found an over-sized lantern a HIDEOUS fake black bamboo ladder and painted it taupe.

And hung Meemah's quilts...right where they belong!!!!!!

I just love it up there now!

But it is still the USELESS Nook.  
Just the Useless Nook where I get to see Meemah's Quilt everyday!!!

NOTE: And for those who might be worried...I promise, the windows are tinted with UV no fading!  We learned our lesson when we first moved down here to Houston.  I have a former deep red couch that is now a faded red!  I actually think they are the reason I have such a hard time taking indoor pictures.

  I have to really open up my aperture and decrease shutter speed (I think that is what I do...I am still quite an amateur at this photography stuff).  And then still ramp up the brightness when I edit my photos!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Quilt Contest: Patchwork Heart Pillow

I entered my Patchwork Heart Pillow

over at another Quilting Gallery Contest. 

Weekly Themed Quilt Contests

I have liked this pillow ever since I made it last year and called it My Brand New Heart.  It always makes me happy when I pull it out to use on my studio couch.

When I saw they were running a contest for Embroidery/Stitchery Quilt projects.  I thought...why NOT?  I know, I know...I will probably not even in the running.

But I once read somewhere that, you never will know how good you are or what the competition is if you don't enter.  Or, as I like to say.  I would rather deal with disappointment rather than regret.  Regret gets me every time.

If you have down time and nothing better to do...just click on the contest image above and all you have to do is click on the top contest: Embroidery/Stitchery Quilts voting.

"Patchwork Heart Pillow".  
That's me!
P.S. If not? I promise I won't hold it against you. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WIP: Will I ever get some time to sew?

My computer issues set me back a few days.  I was able to recover all of my files, but still had to erase and reinstall my entire hard drive and software using Mr. Bosses Mac book. Who knew?

While we were at it, we installed a new printer since my old one was printing offset and only printing in black and blue.  I am highly annoyed that it took time away from other things, but I can't complain...computers make some things just too easy these days!

Finishes: NONE. I figured if I made this TEENY TINY to read you wouldn't bother reading it?

In Progress: 

Teacher Mug Rugs
5 bindings finished out of the 12.  I do it during my TV time at night.  

But the view is the same.

Violet's Quilt

 More of the border. 

The paper piecing is semi-slow going.  I find a bit of time, but get sidetracked when Button gets into my things like this:

And this:

And informed me that he has decided to write his very own Baby Button's Advice Column.  
This week's installment?

How to get up on mom's sofa in her studio. 
Just pull down the pillows for a boost. Take note of the linear line up of the pillows and the nod to his safety.  His mother's boy.

No Progress:

  Twins Quilt (tops finished)
Retro QAL (very few blocks pieced)
Twin quilt for nursery (still in design stage)
Christmas quilt (top unfinished)
Baby girl quilt kit
Thank you quilt 
Merry, Merry Snowman BOM
June's charity bee blocks

I am off to see if I can get my creative motivation going and visit some of my quilting/sewing friends at

Lee is on R&R so there are going to be guest posts every week! FUN!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

I think Mr. Boss and I would agree that his Father's day was much like my Mother's day.

Just another day!

I had BIG plans for a gift for him, but my computer issues, prevented it on Friday.  

We did fit a few fun things..

My new printer (my old one decided to act up this past week too) has this cool thing where I can link to the internet and print Crayola Coloring pages directly from my printer.  A push of a button and we had two different Father's Day pages to color.

Bunny was DELIGHTED.  He may be 10, but he still loves to color with crayons.  Button was so intrigued that he wanted to sit on my studio stools like a big boy.

How am I doing Daddy?

Do you see that curled up tongue? 
Takes after his mother.  If you look carefully, you can see me doing the same thing while I am concentrating on anything...sewing, cooking, ironing, laundry, scrapbooking....and I am doing it right now while I am blogging!

Later, Button watched his daddy doing some yardwork.

The guy never stops!  If he does, he is asleep!

Button can't wait to help him!

Sometime during nap-time, I opened the package I received Saturday.  I wrote more about our Molly Bear HERE on my Butterfly Kisses blog.  I almost felt bad that there was a bit sadness on his special day, but if he is anything like me, it is hard to forget the one that is missing. 

After nap time, they went out for their "pooh" time. 

 Every Sunday, you can find these two all alone in the pool right before dinner.  I sometimes join, but for the most part, I think it is there special one-on-one time together. I just work on the laundry and ironing and watch the action!

And don't worry the older ones showed their faces a few times, sitting and watching the U.S. Open, eating his yummy pulled pork roast dinner.

But now back to our regularly scheduled programs...some quilt projects this week!


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