Monday, June 4, 2012

Quilts? Crafts?

What are those?

The boys had their last day of school on Thursday. I threw a pre-party, birthday party, and post-party sleepover that day.

All I have been doing since Friday is a lot of staring up at the sky.

Or peeking out of my closed eyes to spy some spots of color.

Contemplating the patterns of the leaves.

Finishing the last 900+ pages of the expanded version of The Stand.
  (I just read my first Stephen King novel...wooohooo!)

Oh...and I can't forget the visits from my little man!

It was wonderful!
The temperature is rising here in Houston (I think about 93 degrees yesterday?), but the breeze has been oh so nice!
I've decided to go back for some more....

There is only so much longer that I can enjoy it....
I can "feel" the humidity creeping its fingers slowly towards our neck of the woods.....

Crafts, Quilting, Home Decorating?

They can wait!


  1. When you have a really nice breeze and lots of shade the heat isn't too bad. But like you said the humidity can suffocate you.

  2. Dude! :) You totally needed a break from all that. I'm glad you took it.


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