Friday, December 30, 2011

Dear 2011

Where did you go?

Button's Perplexed Look

Thanks for a great year! 
I look back at my first post in January HERE, and realize how worried I was that I couldn't even call the things I wanted to do goals...just hopes.
And so many of my hopes came true!!

Internet Hopes

New Logo!

 180 posts (chatty much, Heidi?),  over 100 new followers (thank you...I appreciate it!),  a special new home for Butterfly Kisses HERE, an FB page, Twitter, Pinterest AND now a brand new Etsy store (empty...but open)?  If you knew me last year, you would never believe it.  I can't either!!
2012 Hopes:  To keep it up, but not let it take over my life!

Grief Hopes

Jamie's Quilt: the inspiration for Butterfly Kisses
 I'd like to think that I have grown.  I'd like to think that I have helped many moms.  My blog is one of the top Google hits for Thanataphoric Dysplasia. 1,242 page-views since I shared my post this spring! That warms my heart that I can be there for someone when I was so lost.  It also warms my heart that I can share Butterfly Kisses with them!
2012:  To provide pre-made blankets for purchase for moms that can't send an item in for embroidery.

Sewing Hopes

A mess in my Studio!

I am in utter amazement that I have sewn as much as I have when I was still working early last year and then have had a baby the rest of the year.  I don't even dare think it will happen next year!
2012: Keep my focus on the home.  Window treatments, slipcovers, throw pillows, and a few things for the little guys here and there!

Embroidery Machine Hopes

Embroidering a Card Tutorial

We have established our love-hate relationship.  I love creating with it.  I love doing Butterfly Kisses on it.  Multi-positional hoops. Digitizing.  Designing.  I have moved from a novice to a intermediate embroiderer.  
2012:  Master it.  Share some tips with everyone this year.   Sell some new design creations at my Etsy store!

Quilting Hopes

Button's Quilt declared the Best of 2011 by the family
I am a bit speechless.  I counted.  10 quilts.  A new record for me.  Every pieced top is now complete.
I actually hoped for a long arm machine...and got one? 

Not much more to say about it!
2012: Get to know my long arm machine.  Keep on quilting!

Crafting Hopes

I took pictures.  I shared tutorials.  Hope everyone like them!
2012:  Have a few more craft posts than last year!

Scrapbooking Hopes

I went on all three scrapbook retreats.  I finished my Family Album of 2010.  I am current with our family album up through August 2012.  Not too shabby.  A Christmas Album splashed in there.
2012:  Josh's school album.  He will be graduating in less than 4 years now.  I will not even think about any others until I finish it.

Family Hopes

 I sure hope I gave them everything.  I am a stay at home mom again.  I am so thankful for this wonderful gaggle of boys...including Mr. Boss.
2012:  Keep laughing.  Keep playing.  Keep loving.

 Baby Button Hopes

He made it.  A rocky visit to the NICU.  A blood transfusion.  The possibilities were frightening.  I am still too frightened to share the terrifies me still. 

But he made it.  

That precious sweet baby boy made it.

And lights up my life.

Dear 2011,
I had such a nice time, but I feel like there is so much yet to do...I guess that is what 2012 will be for?

C'est la vie, right?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Button's First Christmas

After five nightly visits, despite the fact that the "Santa conspiracy" was blown by ME this year, Bean finally roused his little brother Bunny.  

They arrived at the foot of the stairs at 0640.  
A new record! 

No, not early.  The LATEST they have ever woken up on Christmas Day!!


We then heard Button saying "Hi Mama" into his monitor.  Which always REALLY spooks me.  I swear the kid "knows" I am on the other side of the camera!!

We allowed the boys to go through their stockings before Oma and Opa arrived from the hotel.

Bananas and Apples, Santa?  You shouldn't have!
A quick photo-op with Mom. And yes, my dear friend Kristin, I made them wear shirts this year so they aren't bare-chested in the Christmas Scrapbook Album or on the blog.
Are you happy now?

Santa package distribution and unwrapping commenced at 0700.

I want THIS one.

Everyone was a bit befuddled.  There appeared to be TOO many gifts under the tree.  However, everyone forgot that there was one more child under the tree and Mrs. Claus was also very sneaky this year.  She had the elves collect many LARGE boxes to wrap very SMALL packages!  
Tricky lady, that one!

Don't you just love this Santa's Little Helper beeehind!!!

Even though Button seemed unsure about the process, Bunny felt honor bound to mark the special occasion.

Right this moment, tucked into his special basket in his closet, he has saved the first scraps of wrapping paper of Button's first Christmas present.

I guess he wants his brother to know someday how very glad we are that he is here with us to celebrate a first Christmas!

Oma and Opa seemed to enjoy the event.  And, no, we aren't usually so formal Christmas morning, but we were headed to 10 am Mass!

 And we think Santa didn't disappoint this year (because he has in the past!).  Legos and jerseys were the big scores!

LSU Fan?

Bean thought he would never find the jersey he asked for...those sneaky elves had him fooled.
Not in a clothing box, but a huge priority mailing box!


 Butter saying "YES!" to the video game he thought Santa wouldn't approve.

 And Button actually got on the ground and in the thick of things when he saw the cool activity table with all the lights, sounds, and action!

All packages were opened by 0830. 

A new record....the longest time it ever took in our household.  
Button slowed things drastically......

Oh, and Mass after presents?  


I won't get into the horrible scene the last Christmas Eve Mass about 7 years ago.  Christmas Day is much more our speed.  
A place to sit.  No crowds. 

A reminder for the boys of the true meaning of Christmas.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

God bless us, every one!

"God bless us, every one!"
~Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol

Because we have definitely been blessed this year in this family and there are so many who are not. 

Hope you all have HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! 

 We are!!!!

Waking up this morning with Buddy reminding us that Santa needs his cookies!

 A letter and photo written by Bunny to say thanks for staying. (I can't share the's priiiivate).

Santa cookies

A Christmas Eve night tradition
Presents from extended family and mom and dad! 
Christmas Day is reserved for the "Big Guy"

Pajamas From Mom (store bought!)

and a board game from Dad

Funny, because MOM convinced DAD that this would be the perfect game.  
He looked at me like I had lost my marbles.

But I am glad I stuck to my guns.....even Button wanted to join in the fun.  
Until he realized where the REAL fun was....

So cookies for Santa and a cookie for Buddy! 

See you next year will be missed
in case you couldn't tell by the big hug Bunny gave you while Daddy wrapped him up in a blanket
....that way you wouldn't lose your magic!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Country Christmas

This year, when I took down our decorations, the house groaned. 

It told me that it was entirely sick of the decorations that it has graced all these years. The house said "Heidi, I am sad.  You have been decorating me with dark, dreary colors..and that is not YOU!  You are a quilty, crafty, country girl."

I was upset at first.  I walked around in a panic.  What was I to do?

But then.....

When I went outside...the moose were complaining that they were a bit chilly outside this year and the wreathes on the door begged me for new bows.

So I found some cute homespun fabrics and gingham burlap bows.  The moose thanked me profusely and the wreathes preened like a peacock.

As I entered the house, the pine cone basket in the foyer that was handed down from my in-laws begged for the dark burgundy bow to be removed and some fresh new berries added.

The red burlap ribbon and bright new berries made him and me smile!

Around the corner, I peeked in the dining room.  She was disappointed.  She reminded me that Mr. Boss bought me beautiful Spode Christmas plates a few years back.

Why hadn't I decorated the room to compliment? 

I so agreed!

Instead of heavy beading on the "kid tree".  A new red and white trimmed with silver ribbon was added.

The little guy jumped up and down with glee!  He said, thank you Miss Heidi, now all your boys handmade ornaments through the years look so nice!

Even Buddy agreed nestled in one night!

But the dining room table was the most thrilled.

A brand new table runner!  
Appliqued, quilted and binding all handmade. 
The reindeer nodded sagely in respect to the effort.


Then the main tree called to me.  

What about me he said?  

He asked me to please get rid of the sad ugly plaid ribbon. 
He said that he liked the grapevine garland, so could I please add something to compliment?

I, of course, complied.

New red burlap ribbon intertwined with green tulle.

The ornaments jingled joyously.

Jamie's Angel new ornaments agreed that they could wait for their own tree next year.  They heard that the boys couldn't fit all their ornaments on this year, so the main tree will be moved to the dining room.  They were happy to eye the kid tree that will be theirs next year!

The staircase decorations were happy with their new ribbons.

The family room weeped. It was jealous of the new mantle garland this year that made the candles, trees, and stocking shine.

It asked for some new cheery throw pillow covers. 

Spending yesterday sewing them up was worth it to see them settle in for a cozy fire.

And even the dog pillows "barked" with glee....

The kitchen begged me to go simple this year.  No insane amount of tchotchkes all over the place, PLEASE!   

I couldn't agree more!

A grapevine wreath with gingerbread men to match the gingerbread plates.

There was one small catch.  
The sleigh centerpiece said the brown was too dark.

A little paint, and all was nice and cheery!!!

The ladder in the family room said it was content with the wreath.

Especially since the wreath was the one I made last year and inspired the rest of the house update.

But it still wonders if I might finish the Christmas quilt I had in mind.

We shall see.........


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