Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Button's First Christmas

After five nightly visits, despite the fact that the "Santa conspiracy" was blown by ME this year, Bean finally roused his little brother Bunny.  

They arrived at the foot of the stairs at 0640.  
A new record! 

No, not early.  The LATEST they have ever woken up on Christmas Day!!


We then heard Button saying "Hi Mama" into his monitor.  Which always REALLY spooks me.  I swear the kid "knows" I am on the other side of the camera!!

We allowed the boys to go through their stockings before Oma and Opa arrived from the hotel.

Bananas and Apples, Santa?  You shouldn't have!
A quick photo-op with Mom. And yes, my dear friend Kristin, I made them wear shirts this year so they aren't bare-chested in the Christmas Scrapbook Album or on the blog.
Are you happy now?

Santa package distribution and unwrapping commenced at 0700.

I want THIS one.

Everyone was a bit befuddled.  There appeared to be TOO many gifts under the tree.  However, everyone forgot that there was one more child under the tree and Mrs. Claus was also very sneaky this year.  She had the elves collect many LARGE boxes to wrap very SMALL packages!  
Tricky lady, that one!

Don't you just love this Santa's Little Helper beeehind!!!

Even though Button seemed unsure about the process, Bunny felt honor bound to mark the special occasion.

Right this moment, tucked into his special basket in his closet, he has saved the first scraps of wrapping paper of Button's first Christmas present.

I guess he wants his brother to know someday how very glad we are that he is here with us to celebrate a first Christmas!

Oma and Opa seemed to enjoy the event.  And, no, we aren't usually so formal Christmas morning, but we were headed to 10 am Mass!

 And we think Santa didn't disappoint this year (because he has in the past!).  Legos and jerseys were the big scores!

LSU Fan?

Bean thought he would never find the jersey he asked for...those sneaky elves had him fooled.
Not in a clothing box, but a huge priority mailing box!


 Butter saying "YES!" to the video game he thought Santa wouldn't approve.

 And Button actually got on the ground and in the thick of things when he saw the cool activity table with all the lights, sounds, and action!

All packages were opened by 0830. 

A new record....the longest time it ever took in our household.  
Button slowed things drastically......

Oh, and Mass after presents?  


I won't get into the horrible scene the last Christmas Eve Mass about 7 years ago.  Christmas Day is much more our speed.  
A place to sit.  No crowds. 

A reminder for the boys of the true meaning of Christmas.


  1. Very sweet. You got some really great pictures. I want to see this scrapbook. Merry Christmas sweet friend.

  2. Bunny is so sweet & thoughtful. <3 Looks like a wonderful Christmas morning.

  3. Your little Bunny is such a sweet little boy. I swear that made me tear up a little. Looks like the boys really enjoyed their morning! :)

  4. Merry Christmas! I got all sniffly too at the saved wrapping paper part, too.
    I'm impressed you all got the gifts open prior to service...we had to wait until after to open anything other than stockings!

  5. What a fun Christmas you had!!!! I am happy for you all!!

  6. This is the type of information I’ve long been pet ornaments trying to find. Thank you for writing this information.


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