Friday, August 22, 2014

The Time She Gave The Dolls A Bed Makeover

It seems crazy to do a American Girl bedding when I'm a grown adult and have no girls in the house, but I really adore all the AG girls!

The reason I changed the bedding was that I have a few mini quilts that I can't manage to get up on the wall.  I have room, but want to the to keep my room as uncluttered as possible. I'm already failing a bit, it's a work in progress.  

I decided that the AG bed would be a great way to display them!  I already had this Hawaiian quilt  HERE without a home that I made a few years ago now.

I decided that the green quilt on the red check and toile was just a tad too Christmas-y for my taste. 

I used the existing red check canopy to make the new canopy pattern.  The green plaid fabric was extra homespun cotton from stash I had no plan for. The pretty green fabric is a bird fabric that reminded me of the red toile before.

I've decided that a quick mini quilt project to update the bed will be perfect for the quilt blocks I love, but have no desire to make an entire quilt, like the famous Swoon possibly. 

I think the next mini will be a Mapleleaf mini for the fall. Won't that be fun?

Or I've just truly truly lost my mind.  I
t's okay I can take the heat!!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Winter's Lane {Quilt}

"In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy." 
 ~William Blake

Winter's Lane.  My favorite fabric.

I love a lot of fabrics, but this line just makes me sigh.

Thanks to Julie's pattern Spirograph, I have a Christmas quilt this year!

I hope that I did it well enough to be a "Winter" quilt too!
I used the pantograph Glacee to scatter snowflakes all about!

But honestly, I don't care if its a winter quilt or not...
it matches my family room and it is out all the time!!!
I confess, I did not pick up yardage from the Winter's Lane for the backing.  I regret it actually.

But I did incorporate a bit of the panel that came with my fat quarter bundle.

I am sure it could be used for something more unique, but I like it just the way it is.
I plan on embroidering a little something in one of the little "cards"

The text screamed "use me, use me" for the binding.

We all love it sooo much!

Even Button with his cinnamon roll covered face!

Quilt Stats

Measures: 60" x 60"
Pattern: Spirograph by Julie Pickles Design
Fabrics: Winter's Lane by Moda
Quilting: Glacee Pantograph by.  Quilted on my Avante 18" longarm machine.


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