Friday, August 22, 2014

The Time She Gave The Dolls A Bed Makeover

It seems crazy to do a American Girl bedding when I'm a grown adult and have no girls in the house, but I really adore all the AG girls!

The reason I changed the bedding was that I have a few mini quilts that I can't manage to get up on the wall.  I have room, but want to the to keep my room as uncluttered as possible. I'm already failing a bit, it's a work in progress.  

I decided that the AG bed would be a great way to display them!  I already had this Hawaiian quilt  HERE without a home that I made a few years ago now.

I decided that the green quilt on the red check and toile was just a tad too Christmas-y for my taste. 

I used the existing red check canopy to make the new canopy pattern.  The green plaid fabric was extra homespun cotton from stash I had no plan for. The pretty green fabric is a bird fabric that reminded me of the red toile before.

I've decided that a quick mini quilt project to update the bed will be perfect for the quilt blocks I love, but have no desire to make an entire quilt, like the famous Swoon possibly. 

I think the next mini will be a Mapleleaf mini for the fall. Won't that be fun?

Or I've just truly truly lost my mind.  I
t's okay I can take the heat!!!


  1. I am just like you! I am the mother of three boys and I keep AG dolls in my craft room. I enjoy mini quilts to decorate the day bed. I just wish I could store mine up higher because I don't like too much on the tables. Darling set-up!


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