Friday, October 24, 2014

Scrappy Pillow

Sometimes the most simple thing can bring the greatest pleasure!

I received the cutest little packet of 2.5 square charms from my Schnitzle and Boo mini Swap. 

They are from Treehouse Textiles in Australia. My partner is from there!

I hung them up on my draw erase board with a magnetic clip. Stared at them daily and thought of a million things to do with them and a pillow seemed the best one. 

I played around with them and decided to do a rainbow order, of sorts. 

I had four extra charms and just raw appliqu├ęs them on the back. They belonged with their friends on the front, not in my scrap bins. 

I tackled a hidden zipper. No more envelope backs for me. 

And who doesn't like a black and white binding that pretends to be piping? 

The big problem?  

It makes my undersized loveseat sad looking in comparison. Good thing I bought a slipcover I'm going to reconstruct for it!!!!!

Happy Finish it Friday!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jamie's Birthday Quilt {Block 5}

It might seem strange that I'm sharing her 5th block first, but yesterday was her 5th birthday.   Since my idea was spawned about two months ago, it makes sense to start with this year's.  

I have a few ideas for year 1 through 4. But I'm going to start hunting around first. I want the blocks to be meaningful for each year, so I plan on taking my time as I go. 

If you have any cute "girl" blocks. Please send them my way!  I think I'm going to create a Pinterest board to collect ideas. 


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Birthday Blues

I've tried really hard to get away from posting grief posts ad nauseam on this blog.

But on days like today?  It's hard to avoid.

Jamie Lynn would be five today. I picture a tiny blonde girl, the image of her brothers, with flashing eyes of mischief and a devil may care attitude like her mother. She would be itching to be going to kindergarten this year, but we would be explaining that the rules state she would have to wait one more year.  I imagine there also would be fear as parents. We would be walking that fine line of helping her too much with her dwarfism and also trying to give her independence.

But, alas, she is not here. 

How do you celebrate a birth and death on the same day?  We are still working that out as a family. It was easy the first few years. Balloon and butterfly releases. Cupcakes.

The boys were younger and it seemed to fit. Now it seems odd. Its hard to explain.  It is also a struggle because Button doesn't understand. "Who is this sister I never met, but see pictures. This Jam-ey everyone says is family.  Why were my big brothers mad when I took her picture off the sofa table because she isn't my family?"  Who can really blame him?

My goal this year was to re-channel our "celebration". If the boys asked to do something?  I will certainly do so.  If pressure.  However, I still need something for me.  A few months ago, I decided that I loved this cupcake block I made for a bee quilt so much that I wanted to make one for myself. A new project dawned on that day in my mind.  A Jamie quilt. It's been established that quilting had been a major part of my therapy the last five years. It just makes sense that I should do so on her birthday.   My plan is to make one special block on October 14th for a while. This year will be the cupcake block. 

Throughout the rest of year, I will make the four other birthday blocks. I will not be stressed about it. I will not make myself miserable. I'm not sure when I will stop and call the quilt done. 

I will simply let it just be and have some quiet time with my girl in my studio.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Leaf Potholder Gift {Quilted}

I may have giggled when I had to look up my own Pattern to check if I was remembering something right.  Hubby needed something to send with a bottle of wine as a thank you for someone allowing to stay at their house instead of a hotel this past week.  These potholders are so quick and a lifesaver!!

I'm actually contemplating making some as gifts this year for Christmas.  We shall see!


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