Friday, October 24, 2014

Scrappy Pillow

Sometimes the most simple thing can bring the greatest pleasure!

I received the cutest little packet of 2.5 square charms from my Schnitzle and Boo mini Swap. 

They are from Treehouse Textiles in Australia. My partner is from there!

I hung them up on my draw erase board with a magnetic clip. Stared at them daily and thought of a million things to do with them and a pillow seemed the best one. 

I played around with them and decided to do a rainbow order, of sorts. 

I had four extra charms and just raw appliqu├ęs them on the back. They belonged with their friends on the front, not in my scrap bins. 

I tackled a hidden zipper. No more envelope backs for me. 

And who doesn't like a black and white binding that pretends to be piping? 

The big problem?  

It makes my undersized loveseat sad looking in comparison. Good thing I bought a slipcover I'm going to reconstruct for it!!!!!

Happy Finish it Friday!


  1. Aloha Heidi! =) I found your link off of crazy mom quilts. I love scrappy colorful pillows like this. They are so happy! And yes I have to agree with you. Sometimes a little simple brings big big pleasure. =) Happy Friday!

  2. Heidi,
    I love your pillow and your 3/4 seat.
    I want one, so my husband and I can share it, together.


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