Sunday, November 9, 2014

Technical Difficulties

Last weekend, I was preparing to do a big software update on my iMac. I've been having trouble lately with my computer and it was suggested I needed a really good clean out and the latest update.  I had just completed my phone back up and update and opened my iPhoto's to get ready to back them up on my external hard drive. 

Then this happened. 

My photo library was empty. Before everyone yells at me. I promise. I DID have most of them saved. However, I use my iPhoto library as a "way station" before making decisions on deletion, organization, and storage of the photos.

It was the simple nagging feeling of "What did I not save? What might I have missed?" that had me panicked to the hilt.

After countless hours and days on the phone with Apple. We finally found them. It stumped even them, which validates my assertion that I wasn't crazy. 

126.74 GB equals three years or 30,0000+ photos. Family photos. Blog photos. Tutorials. Patterns. 


Now I'm trying to recover them, organize and save them properly.   Manage my new software. Update other software to work with the new software. Fun times. 

My point?  I've been getting a lot of requests for my patterns and tutorials that I've promised. I've been working on all of them congruently, so they could all have a cohesiveness. However, with my newest set back, I'm behind once again. 

This is my post saying. Please be patient. I'm trying really hard. Demands on me for my oldest son's college application process, my second son's preparations for high school entrance exams and applications, my third son's school struggles with his severe dyslexia, and my sweet Button's separation anxiety are drowning me this school year.

However, I keep saying this to myself. 

"The greater part of happiness depends on our disposition not our circumstance" ~Martha Washington.  

I am trying to be optimistic!


  1. Hang in there Heidi. You will get done what you can get done in a minute, hour or day. Be the best "you" you can be and don't ask for more. Cheers!

  2. Quilting related stuff will always be there; your children won't. Do what you need to do to meet their needs first! Take it from one who has been there done that!


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