My Quilts

Stars and Stripes

Puppy Love
 Pajama Party
Memory Doll Quilt
Shuffle the Deck

Charlie's Whale Song
Christmas Star Quilt
Blush and Bashful
Trick or Treat Remix
Beach Bum Art
Hugs for Rebecca {Group Quilt}
Triple Lattice Quilts

Cat in the Hat

Sewing Studio Mini Quilt

Tumbleweed Quilt

Primarily Sean's Quilt

Spiders and Webs, part deux

Giant Star Quilt
Imagination Quilt

Doll Quilt Set

Marquette University Pillow

Turtle Applique Quilt

2012 Quilts

THE Mickey Mouse Quilt

Trick or Treat Charm Quilt

Boy/Girl Quilts

Artist's Palette Mini Quilt


Modern Mini Challenge

William's Quilt more info here and here

Connor's Quilt

Hawaiian Mini Quilt

Hartley's Quilt

8th Grade Auction Quilt

2011 Quilts
A Quilt for Button

Only These Diamonds For Me
Ian's Quilt 

Spiders and Webs

Louis' Quilt
Lucas' Dotted Puffy Quilt

Jamie's Quilt
Boys' Fun Sham Cover
Dots and Checks

My Boys
Christmas Throw Pillow Cover
Home Tweet Home


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