Sunday, December 3, 2017

Button's {Cross-stitch Stocking}

 "The stockings were hung by the chimney with care 
in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there."

It ACTUALLY happened.
 I FINALLY finished Button's stocking!!

I purchased this kit in January 2012, after his first Christmas. 
 I was hanging up the stockings that season and realized I forgot he needed his own stocking!

Unfortunately, It was one of those projects that took forever.  I would pull it out around October or November every year and get distracted by other projects.  I would tell myself that I would work on it when January came...but alas...I would forget.

Last year, on December 31st 2016, I vowed that the family could lock the doors of my studio if I didn't finish it by Christmas.  Luckily, I beat that by several weeks.  I finished the final details over the Thanksgiving holidays, including the adorable hanging tassle!  

We will ignore the fact that I really didn't lay out the J with the rest of his name well.  
Calligraphists would call that poor kerning. Whoops!

The backing is the felt that came with the backing.  All of our stockings have felt backings and often think I might change them all to different fabric, but the felt seems to have a enough stretch for Santa to fit all our goodies in there!

I love the tassel hanger so much that I plan to replace the boring ones on the other six stockings!

Stocking Info:
Kit by Dimensions Craft.
Gold Collection:
Candy Cane Santa Kit
No. 8778

He was so thrilled that it was finished that he wanted it front and center.  
Normally, I hang them from oldest to youngest, 
but decided to appease the guy since he waited so long for his!


  1. Love it! The amount of love you put into it cannot be expressed enough. Just gorgeous.

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