Friday, March 27, 2015

Baby Bridesmaid {Quilt}

I couldn't help myself. I could not stop calling this quilt "Baby Bridesmaid". 

Why do you ask?  The satin is from a bridesmaid dress!  
My friend messaged me and asked if I could make a baby quilt using the dress she wore to her friend's wedding.  A memory quilt of sorts. 

I knew right away that the best quilt would be to make the Ruffle Quilt from the Moda Bakeshop. I thought that the Satin would not be fun to piece and quilt over.  So why not make it an accessory for the quilt. 

My friend sent me the nursery line. Wouldn't you know it?  No blue.  A girl nursery!

I did have a
Dear Stella bundle that had perfect baby's, but the peach just wasn't pink enough. So the search was on!!!   I stumbled on Cybthia Rowley's "Oh Baby" line.


Before I knew it I had a patchwork top to quilt with flowers and leaves.

With a super warm and soft Minky backing.  

Then I Added the cut strips from the dress and did a rolled hem and attached the ruffles.

I wish I had enough of the dress to bind it with satin, but ended up using the same solid blue I used under the ruffles.

This quilt was UTTERLY scrumptious! 

And I was so happy to hear it was well recieved by the mom-to-be!! 

Excited to also be linking up a finish post for March!

A Lovely Year of Finishes


I cannot wait to hear what you have to say! Seriously! It makes my day!


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