Friday, September 8, 2017

Texas Flag {Quilted Pillow}

"Houston Strong"

It's been very hard the last two weeks, watching our dearest of friends and family enduring Hurricane Harvey.  

It's very hard to sit watching, helplessly, as they hunkered down, evacuated flooding waters, and now clean out all the water damaged homes.  

Houston was where we lived for 15 years.  
Where we made very close friends.  Where we thought we may live forever.  
I won't say that its been the easiest of moves to Salt Lake City, Utah.   It was hard to leave Houston behind.

I made this pillow in the early spring for my husband's office.   It was a bit of "home" just for him.

I used old upholstery and canvas fabrics I had from my one of my son's bedding and window treatment make-overs.  It makes me smile and think of our time there whenever I walk in the room.

Pray for our Houston family.


  1. Its really so creative of you that you have stitched Texas flag on this quilt pillow.I am simply amazed at your talent.Keep it up!

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