Friday, June 9, 2017

Superstar {Quilted Pillow}

 "Don't listen to them, you're a superstar!"

In January, a package arrived from Riley Blake Designs.  I was surprised to see the fabric bundle, until I remembered I had signed up for the Modern Quilt Guild 2017 Fabric Challenge with Riley Blake. 

The fabric line is called Creative Rockstar.  I really do love the two colors of Orange and Aqua/Teal, but  I felt like I needed another color to balance them.  However, I really didn't want to use more fabric than they sent.  I had presented a secondary challenge for myself. 

I knew I wanted to play with the words of the fabric line and the word star kept nagging at me. 
Then, I remembered that I had designed a star pattern a few years ago for my boys' bean bag cushion in their room that might work.

 I didn't want to make a mini because I'm really into making small quilts that are functional in my life, so settled on making a quilted pillow cover.  I set aside two of the fat quarters they had sent for the back of the pillow and then started with my star center...crossing my fingers I would have enough. 

I started adding colors strips around it.

At first, I tried to be very specific in my color choices and strip widths.

But then it became very improv and fun because I only had a bit left.  I even miscalculated the amount of fabric I had set aside for the binding and had to make it scrappy also.

The quilting was simple, I outlined the stars as best as I could, since the outer widths started to vary greatly.

Then I added my hidden zipper backing and scrappy binding.

Quilt Stats:
Measures: 18" square
Pattern: Superstar (still writing up the pattern)
Fabrics: Creative Rockstar by Riley Blake Designs
Quilted: Straight line outlines on Babylock Symphony

The pillow now lives in my chair at my desk in my studio.  It didn't win the challenge, which made me very happy that I didn't spend more money on fabric AND I have a functional project for myself!


  1. Not only is that fabric beautiful, but so is the pattern you chose. I think it is perfect to make the fabric shine!

  2. I love your pillow and the bean bag cushion! Nice work at making it work. :-)

  3. Heidi, Such a cute, cute pillow. Great use of the fun fabric. looking forward to the pattern.

  4. This is really cute pattern. Will have to try using it someday...

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