Friday, January 27, 2017

Judge Pride Twister {Quilt}

"Twist and Shout!"

I made another Twister quilt this school year for the older boys' high school auction.  I figured I would give my brain a break and just make the same pattern, just different colors.

I will admit, I still feel like I'm making two, just to have one cool twisty pattern.
 I decided do a tighter meander free motion quilting so it would wash really crinkly.

 Black binding framed it perfectly.

Sticking with Sew My Stash 2017,
I used a yellow dot backing with a pieced black and white chevron scrap.

Did you see the snow falling in the above picture???
The white thread really disappeared in the yellow dot backing.

I added a printed quilt label after I washed it framed in black.

Here is a pull out of the photo-shoot!  I have had this stand forever to display quilts and have used it to take pictures...but just recently realized I should extend the poles way out on the sides and crop them out instead of trying to hide the legs behind it.  It also would fall over when the wind blow.  Especially when I don't have quilt holder staff hanging about.   It seemed to work!

Quilt Stats:
Measures: 65" Square
Pattern: Twister Quilt inspired from School Spirit Twister
Fabric: Kona White, Tomato, Corn Yellow, Black, and Joanns yellow dot and chevron
Quilted: Free-motion meandering on Handiquilter Avante

Maybe it will return to my red chair for us to enjoy....


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