Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sew My Stash 2017

 Happy New Year!

I have been on a mission since 2014.  It's called SEW MY STASH.  It's a very interesting journey. Wonderful at times.  Difficult at times.  Wonderful at times.  Embarrassing at times.

This is the bookcase in my studio at the beginning of 2016 compared with the end.

Charm Square Packs along with Fat Eights, Fat Quarter and Half Yard Bundles reside here.
I can say that when I had a commission or a new project I really needed to get out of my system?  I shopped right in my own studio.  I also shopped my mini-bolt and un-bundled Fat Quarters bookcases for coordinating fabrics, backgrounds and backings.

I was a bit disappointed when I cleaned it up and it didn't really seem that I made a good dent.

But I have really good evidence and an eye opening reminder in all the projects I finished in 2016. 

My plan for 2017?   

Sew. My. Stash.


  1. Ok - so do you plan projects by the stash, or as you find the pattern, or as the mood strikes, or as the occasion comes by . . .?

    1. All of the above?

      A few are already earmarked for particular quilt patterns, but most were bought on a whim because I liked the fabric. So I either get presented with by a customer with a pattern they like of mine, or I hunt for a pattern that fits the precut I have in the fabric. Or a pattern comes out like the Swoonalong or the recent Patchwork Forest and I "shop" my shelves.


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