Monday, February 11, 2013


Imagine is the name of the quilting bee circle I am a member of for do. Good Stitches.  

This is Imagination. 

 The quilt makes me think of philosophers, staring into the skies and seeing stars...imagining what life beyond is.

 The Block

Why was I thinking the heavens and beyond? The detailed paper pieced blocks are made from the tutorial ET phone home block by Lily's Quilts.

 As soon as I read that name and decided it would be the July quilt block, all I could see were stars!

The Color Palette

For this quilt, I asked the ladies to use the colors from this color palette 


which, at the time, were colors on my mind due to a family trip to Washington, D.C. During the Fourth of July festivities!

The Piecing

They took the challenge and sent me some beautiful blocks. Since I knew they were probably cursing my name when they were piecing them, I really wanted to make sure that I showcased them at their best potential. I decided on blocks in point. I also was a bit concerned because I had given them cart Blanche on gray backgrounds. I thought there would be more variety, but the majority were Kona Ash. 

To resolve the gray fabric issue, I clumped the darker grays together and decided to emphasize then with the red center. 

The Sashing

I could have forgone sashing, because I know it sort of fights the idea of modern. But the gray was presenting a 'blech" problem for me. Mr Boss had even commented during the layout process that it was a bit dingy and depressing.  And if he seems interested in the process? I start listening.

Sashing seemed the only way to have the dark gray center intentional.  I had originally intended to surround the center blocks with aqua and then red sashing everywhere else.


But I changed my mind and used the coral red for the center and aqua everywhere else.

The Border

I am usually okay with no borders, but I felt like I had to frame these amazing blocks. I was having the "blech" problem again.  The sashing was so cheery and it just seemed to end.

Piano border

 A range of my red, blue, aqua scraps made up the piano key borders with mitered corner.  
I may have gone a bit overboard?

The Quilting

Of course, the next challenge was the quilting. How to match the amazing blocks without overwhelming them.

I had sketched it out as best as I could. Loaded it and I started to quilt...and despised it. I didn't like the pattern.  I didn't like the darker gray thread on the Kona Ash.  I unpicked for days.

Four, to be exact.

  It was a bit of a pain to constantly change my thread, but oh so worth it!

I was never so happy to get it off the rails!!!

The Backing

Simple backing. 


One long piece of Kona Ash intersecting two pieces of an aqua fabric with what appeared to be an orange peel or cathedral window design.
I made the decision to make the gray stripe as wide as the quilt label.
  I was determined to have the label pieced into the backing instead of appliqueing it like I have in the past.  I felt that a simple backing would compliment the complicated front.

And show off the quilting.

The Binding

Binding. was tough!  I even sent out pleas here, on Instagram, and Facebook to help me make the decision. I ruled out aqua/teal pretty quickly because it just seemed "blah".  Blech seemed to have constantly plagued this quilt!

 I then was really debating the blue and red.  The blue did frame the quilt, like many suggested, but when I would flip it to look at the back, it was glaringly obvious that the small tiny dots on the backing fabric were actually black.

They just didn't seem happy with each other.
Binding and Border

So red it was.


And I am so happy.  I couldn't be more thrilled.   

ET Phone Home Block

Quilt Stats:
Measures: 66" x 86"
Blocks Pieced by: Imagine @do.Good Stitches quilting bee.  Fabrics from their stash.
Sashing, Border fabrics: A variety of strips from my stash.
Backing: Blank Quilting Pattern #6239 and Kona Ash
Binding: Kona Cardinal
Quilted: By myself on my longarm HQ Avante 18.


This beauty is off to Threading Hope this week.   But first I have to clip all the stray threads you might have caught in the photos. It is about to rain and I had no other opportunity to do a photo you are getting it "raw".  It is off to get washed and dried soon!

It is definitely heavier than most quilts due to the layers and layers of seams.  
I hope it brings comfort and joy to its recipient.

My finish for February for the 2013 Lovely Year of Finishes!!!


  1. Heidi, you should be very proud of this quilt, it is beautiful. hugs

  2. absolutely beautiful, and I love hearing your thought processes for getting the quilt to it's finished state.

  3. absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I can't ever decide on quilts which I like more the piecing on the front.. or the quilting shown on the back... I guess thats another reason they are soo great.. they're versatile.

  4. Heidi -- this quilt is so freaking amazing!!! I can't get over it! I love the way you set the blocks, arranged them -- and the quilting!!!
    wow friend. Such a gift. ♥

  5. Oh this is gorgeous! You have such a talent. Even though I voted for blue binding I love the red, esp on the back.

  6. I am speechless! It is amazaballs

  7. Love the red binding. Perfect choice!

  8. This has turned out gorgeous! The sashing is an elegant solution to your grey dilemma. It makes the greys pop instead of fade drably… lovely!

  9. Your quilt is amazing. The blocks are lovely and the colours are great. Beautiful work with the quilting, too. Wow!

  10. I just love your quilt. I like how you arrange the blocks and the quilting is amazing!

  11. This is gorgeous! Your quilting is amazing! Great job, I am sure someone will be blessed to receive this beauty.

  12. I'm glad you chose the red binding; it is a nice compliment to a beautiful quilt!

  13. This quilt is gorgeous! I love (and agree with!) your description of philosopher's staring out at the night sky. You have a wonderful talent.

  14. Beautiful! I LOVE the quilting! It's so fun to be able to contribute to all of these lovely quilts :)

  15. Well done to you & the other creative people that have contributed to make this such a stunning quilt. This quilt is sure to make someone very happy.

  16. This is really beautiful! I love the way the quilting enhances the design and how each block is set on point and framed out in the blue.


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