Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Bits

The weekend brought little bits of time here and there.

The teen boy's birthday is approaching. He loves Mr. Boss and I's alma mater Marquette University basketball team.  Since his bedroom bedding/decorating project is at the finish line, I thought an MU pillow would be perfect for his room.  

I thought?  A foundation paper-pieced project would be cool?

Until EQ7 shut down from mulitiple errors on me!!!

So I simplified my logo.  It isn't perfect, but I hope it is close enough?   

Now I just have to sew it.

I also was really excited, because it was the first time I used my portable table out in the family room.  I bought it from Target so I don't always "rabbit hole" into my studio at nights.  It also came in handy on my scrapbook retreat.  I like to have an L formation and it helped me!  Dual purpose!!

I also cut some more hexies! 

Still have to address the 50+stars


On Sunday, I was had a different mission while doing the laundry. Of course, it all happened AFTER the laundry and the kids went to bed!

The mission was this stack of rodeo prints that I "won".

 It was more of a contest than a giveaway by Carla at Lollyquiltz.
I was actually super excited to win the bundle because, if you have been following me, you know that we get excited about the Rodeo around here.

I was waiting for the perfect rodeo pattern to fall into my lap since last year and it never happened. 
I found a couple of cute patterns, but I was looking for simple.  The rodeo officially starts this week and I want it...well...NOW, of course!  After some thought, I remembered I have the Accuquilt Tumbler die cut.  That would be simple.  I wouldn't lose the motifs!  So I hunted down a few tumbler patterns and found these three.

Sources: Top, Bottom Left, Bottom Right

Last night, after laundry, I sat and starting cutting my tumblers.

I couldn't figure out why it was taking me so long, until I realized...I cut out 100+ tumblers!!


This morning, Button and I have been arranging the blocks. 

 I also made the decision to cut into the last two fabrics in the top right corner since I still had a handful of "background" fabric tumblers leftover (middle photo).

For now?  I am off...Button and I have a date on a wagon.

I just wonder if he is bringing his friends along with us again!

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  1. My husband went to a Marquette game last night as a work function!


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