Monday, February 4, 2013

Why Go To Scrapbook Retreats?

Reason #1


To see my boys pour over them.  To talk.  To remember.  To laugh.  To always remember the people and world around us.

 Reason #2

Me? Front row, bright red.


Hanging with friends that love to scrapbook and don't care if you don't put make-up on all weekend.
The kind that make you laugh so hard that you cry.  They are also the same kind that confuse me when they say "Hollywood pose" and I look perplexed!

And in case you are wondering about the cookies?  They are made by the kind of friend that bakes and decorates cookies with your name on them! Yuuuumm!  Good friends give you permission to add a few pounds over the weekend!

Reason #3

Uninterrupted scrapbooking.  

No distractions. No laundry. No basketball games. No tennis matches. No carpool lines. No errands. No cooking. No cleaning. No makeup if you don't want to wear it.  
Comfy clothes that resemble pajamas are required.

Reason #4


Seeing other people's books and pages give you so many ideas.  But your fellow scrapbookers themselves can be incredibly helpful too! This page was sorta cute with the colors and the Mickey Heads when I started it. But, it needed a bit more, so I decided to make a Jack-o-lantern Mickey head. I will be honest, he wasn't very attractive. Inspiration? My friend Kristin told me that my Mickey looked like a bat. I added the purple wings and not only did it make for a cute page? It drew attention to the trick or treat bag I made for Button in the photo!!

Reason #5


Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Being gone makes me want to go back home and be with them.  Daddy may get his bonding time with his boys....but I am missed dearly.  This time, Mr. Boss had to deal with an unexpected fever and double ear infection and he was a champ.  Even though I said I would come home, he said
"I got this."  And after several Face time sessions, both Mama and Button were happy!
 And after I came home, Mr. Boss wondered at my secret to getting him to sleep within seconds.
I will never reveal it so I am still needed!

Reason #6

Memories. is a repeat of number one.  But I just couldn't resist posting another picture.  I love how they are pointing and saying people's names.  I know how great it is for them to see events that they were at or people they know...even if they forget in the future!

Sadly, I am all unpacked and know that I will "try" to scrapbook until the next retreat, but quilts always win my heart on the daily.  Knowing that there will be another retreat in the future settles me.

And the consequences that always plaque me when I return?

 That picture above is worth it!


  1. this made me cry!!! we do have so much fun scrapping!!! such special special friendships and bonds!! luv ya girl!!!! no make up and all:)

  2. that was me Kristin :)

  3. beautiful post,well done Heidi.xx

  4. I do feel exactly the same. My kids are older and can't wait to see the pages I have done. Great post. ( I came over from WIP).


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