Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Too Many Irons in the Fire?

I have been feeling like I have a lot of projects, but I actually feel like I am making significant progress and so there is little to no anxiety!  However, I am sure Mr. Boss thinks I have too many irons in the fire, anyway.   I have a ton of things in progress, but I really want to keep this short since, well, the irons are getting HOT!

I have five complete tops and four pieced backings in waiting in line for a turn on Ole Betsy.  You can see them on the rack in the background.  The order of quilting goes Giant Vintage Star, Primarily Sean's Quilt, Spiders and Webs, and then Blizzard.

They are all gifts or quilts for our family!!  


My other slightly time consuming work in progress is my long arm business adventure.
My soft opening of my Buttons and Butterflies Quilting Services is underway this week!  

The great thing about having quilting friends that will be guinea pigs for you is that you don't have to be too embarrassed about layout problems or typos.  I get to have them try my links, read my instructions, and fill out forms before going "live".   I already some questions have come up and are already helpful for me to fine tune things!!


But, I digress, you want to see quilting, right?

Rodeo Quilt
I am excited about this project!  I was able to piece this completely Monday night.  It went together pretty quickly.

I already picked up my backing fabric and binding fabric.

I love the nod to a bluebonnet on the brown and I am calling the rose a "Texas Rose" even if it isn't.  The cool biased stripe is Grace from 3 Sisters and I love it.  

Of course, I am having a debate. 
The top and bottoms of the quilt have a cool angle that I want to keep. 

 But it would require a continuous biased binding.  Which means I would lose the diagonal effect that I would get if I cut it WOF?

Help me decide?

Bias binding and I will get a straight boring lined up pattern?


Cut it the opposite direction and hope I get a "striped" look?

Cut the cool edge off and just cut WOF binding to get a diagonal stripe?


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  1. Looking forward to seeing your giant star ; ) I'm working on one

  2. Hmmm. I think I'd cut the edge off (or add in filler triangles) but my opinion should come with a grain of salt - I'm not a fan of making bias binding or doing THAT many interior and exterior corners on a quilt binding. Don't get me wrong; I love the look but I personally am unlikely to try doing a zigzag-y binding. The handbinding at the end of a quilt is therapeutic and my absolute favourite part of the process so I prefer to keep it simple. The diagonal on that print is pretty, too, so I can see why you'd want to keep it. Good luck!


I cannot wait to hear what you have to say! Seriously! It makes my day!


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