Friday, April 15, 2016

Hawaiian Quilt {Pillow Cover}

 In 2012, I had made a Hawaiian Mini Quilt.  
The details and process were really interesting to me and worth traveling back in time to read about.

 It's been hanging around the studio.  I hung it up.  I used it for a mini quilt for my American Doll Bed.  After making my Heart Pillow, I knew I wanted to convert this to a pillow for my studio too!

 I trimmed it down and just tossed the binding.  Made a hidden zipper backing with some coordinating colored fabric I had in my stash.  The birds seemed to complement it.  I had some pretty green hand dyed fabric I used to do the binding/piping.

 I love that now I can enjoy it in my studio and it plays along with the couch and other pillows.

 And I can enjoy the hand quilting details up close.

I highly recommend converting your mini's if youve run out of space or just feel like they are cluttering up the wall.  They are wonderful for pillows!!



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