Friday, February 22, 2019

Jolly Bar Bon Bon {Quilt}

"Don't mind me. I'm just sitting here with my feet up, watching soaps, and eating bon bons".

 For long as I can remember, my husband would call home to check on me and always ask "what are you doing right now?"  Naturally, I was doing whatever full-time, part-time, or stay at home moms do when they are something, washing something, changing someone, disciplining someone, feeding someone, or cleaning something. 

However, instead, I ALWAYS went the sarcastic route.

 I would simply respond to that loaded question "What are you doing?" with:  "Oh...just sitting here with my feet up, watching soaps and eating bon bons...."

(and for the record...I have NO idea what bon bons are nor have I ever eaten just sounds fancy!)

See why I had to make this quilt with Fat Quarter Shop
 The fact that it is are really cute and adorable certainly helped its case too!

This pattern is super straight forward to make.   Thirty six Jolly Bars (exclusive Fat Quarter Shop precut of Moda Fabrics) and some background fabric and you have simple construction with a great overall impact.

 I used the gorgeous Garden Variety line by Lella Boutique from Moda Fabrics.

For some, HSTs can be tricky to create.  I am going to be COMPLETELY honest.  Whenever there is a suggested start size for HSTs?  I try to see if I can make them just slightly bigger.  I am notorious for making my seam allowances more generous than not. 

For this quilt, it is suggested that you cut 3 7/8" squares for the HSTs, but I found that there was plenty of room to cut 4" squares.   I know there are a lot of confident quilters that don't even trim their HSTs, but I am NOT one of those.  Even after 22 years of quilting, I have not mastered that ability. I think knowing it and owning it are better than pretending I'm perfect.  If you are like me?  I definitely suggest cutting larger squares and using a Bloc Loc ruler for trimming your HST's to size.

Today, I'm also sharing one of my tricks for "marking" my HSTs without using a marker.  

I have a video on my Instagram stories and I've uploaded it to my YouTube channel this week explaining how I use my pattern tracing tool to make a crease on your fabric along with other marks I make with my tracing wheel.

For my backing?  I used my favorite print from the line in my favorite color. I used my Prostitch computer program to make these fun "flying" pumpkin seeds.

  I haven't made a quilt binding that was the same as the backing in a long time, but this quilt really wanted me to do so!

Quilt Stats
Measures: 60" square
Pattern: Jolly Bar Bon Bon by Fat Quarter Shop
Fabric: Moda Fabrics Garden Variety by Lella Boutique
 and Robert Kaufman Essex Linen
Quilted: Pumpkin Seed on HQ Avante with Prostitcher

I'm so happy with the results of the quilts. I can see a few quilt gifts in the future!!!


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