Sunday, January 7, 2018

Reversible Utitlity {Apron}

"An apron is just a cape on backwards!"

I NEVER wear full aprons.  They are usually too long for me, so I decided to make a half apron with the second apron kit I had in my stash after I made the first one for my grandmother.

  I had to keep it for myself so I can have warm memories of my grandmother. She is an important person in my life. You can read more in my POST HERE.

I don't generally use an apron in my kitchen, so I thought a utility apron for my studio would be more practical for me.

  I figure I can slip scissors, rulers, or various other notions I need while 
working at my cutting table or long arm. 
Not to mention my phone to take my quilty photos for Instagram!

Of course, I had to make it reversible like my grandmothers!!

 Have you ever tried to take a photo of yourself modeling an apron?

Let me know how you did, because this was the best I could do!


  1. I love the idea of a reversible pinny - I'm a fan of the full length ones, but that may be because I cook with my three little ones and it's always useful to have something between my top and lovely sticky hands!!

  2. Cutest apron ever! No such thing as too many pockets.....maybe then I wouldn't keep walking away from my phone!

  3. Your cute apron is just the thing for your requirements. Must admit that I wear full aprons while cooking, must be a granny thing, plus I'm a messy cook!

  4. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !


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