Friday, January 10, 2014

SLIME {Minecraft Quilt}


And for those who have NO idea what I am talking about?
 This is a "guy" from the computer game called Minecraft, that is quite the craze!

First ever attempt at free motion square quilting!

It was REALLY fun!  I had no plan whatsoever and just moved myself along.
It reminded me of my Etch-a-Sketch doodling days!!

I was super excited about the design in the mouth.
However, even though I used black thread quilting on eyes and mouth? I used green in the bobbin.  I wasn't extremely happy with the tension...Another thing to work on!

I had other plans for the binding, but was vetoed by the boys. 
I was hoping for charcoal memoirs or a green print...but they chanted Kona Sour Apple.
Mom loses again.

But I did win with the minkee backing.  I really wanted the dot!

And the quilting still showed up VERY well on the back! 
 I might mock up a quick free pattern if anyone is interested.
   I figure give my new pattern design a try with something easy first?

Quilt Stats

Measures: 78 x 78
Pattern: Slime Pattern designed by JJ and myself
Fabrics: Top- Kona Black, Pear, Sour Apple, Kiwi, Clover, Fern, Palm, and Leprachaun. 
Country Classic Green.   Backing-  Green Minkee Dot  Binding- Kona Sour Apple
Quilting:  Green Tomatoe thread by Quilter's choice,
Free motion squares with my Avante 18" longarm


  1. I love the bright green Heidi! I'm sorry they overruled you on the binding! I'm about to try quilting with a minky backing (on my home machine) for the first time and I'm really scared of bunching and pleats. Any suggestions? I know you longarm, but have you found anything super important I should know before trying it?

  2. oooh minky.... yum
    LeeAnna Paylor

  3. My 6 yr old verified that it is indeed Slime from Minecraft;) I love all the fun green in this quilt:)

  4. My boys would love this. I understand being over ruled. I am just learning what a critic my 11 year old can be. He used to just love things because Mom made it! But now he even wants a say in what I name each quilt.


  5. I love Minecraft and Roblox, I think they're very good for children. Recently my eldest son found a way how to get free robux and now he's spending a lot his free time playing. It's better than getting into trouble!

  6. It goes without saying that you should never put the slime in your mouth. Although it isn't toxic it isn't exactly good for you to make slimethis

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