Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WIP: Charity Stitching

This week has been all about wrapping up some of my "unselfish" sewing.



Two needlepoint ornaments for my son's school auction.

The swan was finished just last night!


December's do.good stitches bee blocks were VERY late.  I just have been trying to gather myself after some unexpected news and trips.

Definitely gave me some trouble picking fabrics for some reason.  When I see "pink" in a stack, iI want to run in the opposite direction because my stash is sadly lacking.



Yes, it seems simple now, but I know that Toni has some tricks up her sleeves for January's do.good stitches quilt block.

She plans on slicing and dicing.  Can't wait to see the results with her gorgeous color pallette.

In Progress:


I finally recieved one of the stragglers for November's do.good stitches quilt.....the holidays were tough in our bee group this past season. Big moves.  Babies.  You name it!

I finally came to a conclusion for a border.  Rainbow colors, here we come.

But first, I need to stitch my Starstrip blocks together.  Can't get too ahead of myself!

 When I get this top pieced, I think I will get back to work on little Button's quilt.  He is patiently waiting, bless his little heart!


  1. I love those strip stars. And all your blocks are so pretty.

  2. Love the strip stars! Rainbows are great!!!

  3. Heidi - what is the name and where did you get that fabric with the text/writing on it? I love that! I have a grand daugther that loves to write and that'd be perfect to cover a writing book with! Thanks!
    Cheri, the quilting nanny

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  6. I Love those designs you have done stars, strips and blocks . I will love to watch . Absolutely awesome .

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