Monday, March 17, 2014

Button's First Quilt

   {Quilting with Toddlers/Kids Tutorial}

 I often struggle because the boys ask me frequently to learn to quilt. We usually start a super simple patchwork quilt. Get the squares cut and start piecing....then lose all steam. Sad, really. 

Button has been cutting up little scraps with his scissors lately and keeps asking to make a dragon quilt. He cuts out a tail and a body and I'm left with the question.  Now what?

Saturday,  I had an answer. 

I printed off a coloring page of Stuffy the Dragon from the Disney show Doc McStuffins.

coloring page via Pinterest. 

 I then laid it under a scrap piece of white fabric.

He and I cut different shapes and then he glued on the pieces with some fabric glue. 

His idea to make brown dots for eyes. 

We rummaged through my scraps for backing and found the right scrap batting size.  Sprayed the layers together with quilting spray adhesive to make the proverbial quilt sandwich. 

He liked the spray adhesive.  Team effort to push the nozzle!

Then we sat down at the machine and I did raw appliqué with a freemotion foot. Nothing fancy. The idea was quick satisfaction. Appliqué and quilting at the same time. 

I trimmed all the excess down. He isn't allowed to mess with the rotary cutter yet. He still steals the water bottle and squirts everything. Not to be trusted. 

We added the binding together. He likes to help push the scissor button and the foot button. 

I think the key is to give them a job and not worry about perfect finish.

I started hand sewing the back while he played with the binding clips. 

The total time. One hour.

Not too shabby for very short attention spans.

To make it official:

Quilt Stats
Measures: 8.25" x 11"
Pattern: Button's "stuffy" Pattern
Fabrics: momma's scraps
Quilting: Freemotion on momma's machine
 I had other plans with the hour I had to spend in my studio on Saturday.
Normally, I would be cranky about sharing that time.  However,

I have ZERO regrets stopping and spending it with him.
Don't forget to take a picture of the back, momma!

The smile says it all!


  1. I'm so proud of both of you, him for his creativity and you for your willingness and patience to do this. You rock girl! Give my nephew a dragon hug from Auntie Carie

  2. toooo cute! I know it was totally awesome spending time with you little button. My 10 year old is starting to show interest in quilting and has started to ask to sew. I'm loving it! Congrats on his cute little finish and thanks for sharing.

  3. Replies
    1. He just turned three last month. He cut a bunch of shapes out of the scrap blue first and then he picked the pieces from the pile. I helped round out the belly and head when he asked. He glued all the pieces down himself by looking at the picture underneath the fabric. Then after that was a lap buddy. But I can definitely see an older child do more and more each time.

    2. Outstanding! A cute idea and an excellent teaching tool, as well as something he is proud of doing. Kudos to time well spent and to a good mom.


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