Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Quilt Label Fun

I think quilt labels are so important. I've been going through my blankets and quilts in our house and know that I have labels on the ones I have made. However, I also have some quilts that were handed down to us.  Especially this one from my husband's great grandmother without labels.

I know there is a story. But what story? I know bits and pieces about her, but are they true? Was this quilt actually made by her?  Don't get me wrong, I believe my in-laws, but it sure would be nice to know what year it was made. Who was it for?  

That is why I always make sure I make a quilt label. My attempts have improved over the years from pieces of muslin with sharpies to things like this to printed fabric to embroiderd labels. 

I'm always trying to find a unique quilt label because I despise a big blob on something that I've worked so hard on!

For these labels, I designed an embroidered puzzle appliqué.  I had already quilted the tops so I couldn't put them on my embroidery machine. 

Instead, I skipped the appliqué part and embroidered it out on a piece of solid fabric.

Then I cut around the puzzle leaving 1/4 inch around the satin stitching.  I did some hand stitching and needle turned them under! 

I'm pretty happy with the results and they blend into the backings pattern!  

But first, I need to add the binding on Tristan's quilt. 


  1. What a great idea for a label! Glad you shared it. I am working on creating something for my label and this would be great for kids quilts! But a great idea using an applique shape instead of just a square

  2. Definitely more of a kid themed quilt label!!

  3. I love that label & fabric
    I just made a jigsaw puzzle quilt for my sons friends 21st.... I have about 7 more to go.

  4. Mind blowing post, I Love your work. btw did you use Embroidery Digitizer


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