Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIP: One down...a million to go.

Please tell me that is how you all feel!!!  I enjoy every time I get a project finished, but then I see my "to do" list.  I don't even want to mention the ideas that float in my head that I haven't written down.

But with much further ado....A finish!

Baby Connor's Quilt

I just adore this quilt and will really miss it! 

I am not quite sure if it is the giraffe or the hippo that I love more!

I was able to squeeze in some time on Ole Betsy Saturday and do some FMQ.  

I am still in need of work with my rulers.  I miss that I could use my domestic machine to make fairly straight lines. 

It is quite a challenge with a longarm machine.

I went with a scrappy binding again using the main patterened fabrics.  I did them in rainbow order just because I like a rainbow every once in a while!

I did do something a little different with my binding.  After I machine stitch the binding to the front, I usually sew my two "ends" together by hand stitching, but I sometimes get a strange stretch there.  This time,  I just decided to seam the two with my machine before I did the hand binding to the back.  

It doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would!

Now to wash and dry and add a label!!!

Christmas quilt

Nothing.  Button hasn't pulled it off the rod, so that is even scarier...that means it has become a permanent fixture on my studio island.  

I need to find some time to get it ready for the longarm.  But, I have some other projects to finish first.

Butterfly Kisses

Last week, I was editing and designing. It was painful!  The computer problems were definitely a set back,  I think I was a bit overwhelmed by their multiple losses each knowing that just my one was overwhelming!

  But I finally was able to work it out and I am doing the embroidery on the machine today!  

I need to get these back to their mommas!!

Off Track Project

We got a little off track this weekend, Bunny and I.  Our family is going through a retrospective/experimentation since last week (which I will post about later this week!)   HERE....

and this was Bunny and I's project.

We are making him a special marker roll for his sharpies.  

These sharpies are the ones that he asked Santa for, sitting on his lap.  Yes, I am a brave woman and allow my 9 year old the use of permanent markers!  He is very good with them.  He has always returned my own set back to their rightful place after use.  He also, generally only uses them in my studio.  What for?  To color his Legos!  Sometimes it is to make a McDonald's, sometimes to update a storm tropper into a specific clone trooper.  Apparently, colors denote a  troopers job and/or rank?

We were able to select the fabrics from my fabric scraps and fat quarters, which I think he did a FABULOUS job.  I really had no say.  We cut our pieces and were able to seam them together.


Now we just need to agree on the outer fabric and pocket.  He wants a baseball print, and I am trying to convince him to let me use a neutral fabric to showcase the rainbow....but he isn't budging.

Tune in to see who wins!

Modern Mini Challenge

Modern Mini Challenge

Have you heard about this?  I have the urge....but just not sure I have the time.  I need to do this, like I need a new hole in my head!

And I am linking with Lee again!  I want to see if anyone else has the same problem as me.   A finish here or there, but a million projects to go?

I hope we are all in the same boat!


  1. I have the same problem. I have a few on my list written down and then those million ideas of what to do with my scraps. I am working on a growth chart now to match a quilt. But I still have tons of little scraps to deal with.

  2. I'm always getting off track and using up my scraps to make some sort of project. Good luck.

  3. Oh Heidi! I just love anyone who loves Sharpie Markers as much as I do. :) I think it is fantastic that your boy is interested in a sharpie/sewing project.

    Your baby quilt is so cute. I'm sure that little hippo will be well loved.


  4. There is baseball fabric out there that has a cream background, natural looking. Maybe you can compromise with that for the sharpie roll


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