Monday, February 13, 2012

A little early...

To receive a Valentine's gift.  But around here?  You have to be on your toes!!!

This afternoon, Button and I heard a doorbell ring.  We ran to see what it was.  Okay, I kind of did a fast walk.  It was raining and I didn't want whomever was at the door to wait too long!  Button did what I call his determined quick walk, then protested that I was too far ahead, so I hauled him up in my one arm as I slid on the tile and wood floors in my Valentine's socks.

I am still wearing them...Don't you just adore my Prancer girl?

  We opened the door and found a box.

The instructions alone are intriguing, no?

I am going to tell you about my new secret vice.  

Chocolate covered strawberries by Shari's Berries!

A note and a pretty bow at the upper left corner.

 Inside it read.

And these beautiful pretties were inside.

A few weeks ago, Mr. Boss brought home a few from work.  A customer had sent them and he decided to share.  First, let me tell you, I am not a huge fan of strawberries (more of a love/hate relationship), nor chocolate.
So the idea of the two together are not so appealing.  

But I was intrigued by the idea of the white chocolate.  

One bite and I was SUNK!

The ones I had a few weeks ago, didn't have these precious little hearts. 

I can attest to the fact that they are great with or without!

I tried to follow the directions and try to find a moment to savor them.  They haunted me all afternoon and evening.

I think I audibly groaned when I finally took my first bite.

Mr. Boss now has a surefire way to my "heart" if he buys me these again.

I still can't believe I shared two with Bean and Bunny this evening.

PS...If you like the "look of the photos" they are Adobe Photoshop Elements.  
Some are Vintage Photo and the ones with color are Faded Photo with Colorful Center in full edit!


  1. Oh my. you have a Pug, did I know you had a Pug? I knew you had a dog but a pug? She is absolutly adorable. My beautiful Pug is now 16years old and sadly I dont think she will be with us much longer but we cherish every day and I do remember when she looked so young like your little girl (they go grey as they age to!) .... ok I'm over the excitment of your girl now to the strawberries...... yum yum yum! :o)

    1. Two!! Biggio who is our five year old, long legged male and Prancer our five year old, sweet "rescue" female. She arrived in our home when she was two, and she and I are best mates!! The only XX chromosomes in the house, and all!!

      We had two other pugs, too. Astro, gone 5 years ago, at the age of two to a freak heat accident, and my sweet, love all black Pug, Payton had a tumor at the ripe old age of 12, two years ago....

      We adore our pugs!!!!

  2. Yay for a yummy valentines! I made ganche coved strawberries and cherries for my guys yesterday. I love the box they came in. So cute!


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