Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bumps in the Road

Needless to say, since last Wed, there were a bunch of bumps in the road.

Literally, Bumps..

Bruised head and face scrape from playing basketball with big brothers

The kind of bump that buys you a ticket to the local Children's hospital for a CT scan on a Monday morning.

This after Button had three days of fever.  A lot of tylenol and cuddling Thursday through Saturday.

And then ONE more bump before the night was over on Monday.

Hit the sharp edge of a cabinet in my closet

And Butter turned 15 yesterday.  I threw together some cupcakes.  

A little help from baby brother!
Now to plan the party.  Two years ago he didn't have his until July...

Needless to say, I didn't get a whole lot done this week!


Dog Bed
Last week I mentioned I didn't have photos of the dog bed are up on Friday's post!!

Bag Tags
A friend asked for her daughter's volleyball bag embroidered.  After about 2 hours of fighting my hoop...bloody fingers, broken nails...I called her and told her the bad news.  I couldn't do it.
 Funny thing? As we talked about my disappointment, she told me what the problem was..the girls were mixing up their bags at their tournaments.  All of a sudden I had an idea..what about a personalized luggage tag.  She was excited and agreed.

I ran out of plain black cotton a few weeks back and decided to pull out some black Aida cloth I had from my cross-stitch stash.  It ended up stitching very nicely. She reported that her daughter loves it.   Then, her friends loved it so much, they asked me to make about 8 I finished them up yesterday!

Rainbow Layer Cake Swap
I actually sent my fabric ON TIME before the first fever hit!   Excited to get a package back!

In Progress:

Auction T-shirt Quilt

I had a chance to sort them by color and get a better idea.

75 t-shirts in some sort of color piles

All I did was manage to make a mess.  I still want to scan each t-shirt to get it into my EQ7 so I get a better idea of the colors of each graphic on the tees.  I hope it works!! 

I can't embroider without watching my machine.  To many mistakes happen.  Like the one that I was planning to send Monday?
I forgot a special "title" for the quilt.  I am so glad I caught it before  I mailed it.  
Finish tonight? 

No Progress:
Hartley's Quilt (special diamond quilt)
Christmas Quilt
Thank You Quilt
Donation Quilt
Baby Button's Twin Bed Quilt

Linking up with Lee...

But I think I might cry when I see everyone's progress!



  1. how the heck can you have a 15 year old?!? (you absolutely don't look old enough... and that's a compliment). :) I take it you were babies when you got married, huh?

    Button -- listen -- I get it that your big brothers are cool and all, but seriously, just take a little time, you'll be all big and grown up soon enough

    1. I know seriously...I must have been like 12, right? *snort* I promise, I could totally legally drink the year he was born ;)!

      And Button nodded his head sagely. He respects you advice...will he heed it? No. I already found him playing basketball last night with them.

  2. Your poor little one! What a day he had? Yay I finally, finally got a chance to tell ya that I love how your dog bed cover turned out! That turned out really nice. And Happy Birthday to your oldest son too!


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