Monday, February 20, 2012

One Cute Button

This year, I promised the boys and myself that I would attempt to do birthday parties better than I have in the past.

I am notoriously, not a good birthday party mom. 
 I grew up with the notion that birthdays were for family only.  The only time I had a "friend" party was when I was 13.  I don't feel like I missed out, but when we moved further south, I realized that birthday parties are definitely "a thing".  Especially here in Texas!  We have been to parties with more than one bounce house, petting zoos, real Cinderella horse drawn carriages, Video Game trucks pulled up to the driveway, rock I need to go on?

So I am tentatively stepping my toe in the water, but I don't think I will ever take the full plunge.  Just so the boys can say "Mom tried!"

How did I start?  

A theme!  I figured that this would be the last chance for me to do a Button theme, since I will most likely have to do a character, superhero, or sports theme in the future!

The next step was color.  
I took my inspiration from his quilt.

Then I made a birthday invitation using a picture of him. I was going to go with "Cute as a Button", but then thought it would be cute to incorporate the number one.
  I kept the design simple, color and one big button...because he is only one, right!

I sent my newest friend (officially met her at my last scrapbook retreat) Angie, a picture of his quilt so she could make me some cookies for favors.  
If you are in the Houston area...I HIGHLY recommend her!

My photo does NOT do her work justice. Not only did she match the colors perfectly, they are so YUMMY!  The boys just adored them, they were so excited!

The next step was to decide what to do about bunting.  I traditionally, do not have it.  I have seen ADORABLE fabric and paper ones.  I ran out of time this week to make nicer ones...I kept it simple and fast.

I found matching papers, and used my circle cutters.  White circles just slightly larger than the patterned paper circles.  I then printed out the letters on my computer.  I chose a fun font on my word document application and changed the color to the blue.  It didn't take long to cut them out and glue them.  I then glued the ribbon in between the two layers of circles!

 Next?  The cake.  I went with fondant again. It just makes the presentation so much better.  And it is so much easier to work with than buttercream or whipped frosting (for me!)

Unfortunately, I had one of my "not so wise" moments and decided to tear apart my pantry and cabinets while making this the day of the party.  Once again, the left brain struck again and really made the whole thing stressful!!!  I overcooked one of the 10" layers so the bottom layer is much shorter than I intended. 
 I realize now, that his cake looks a bit like a hat....oops!

I didn't even cover the cake board...and can you see the icing everywhere?  

How about now?  
I just rushed the whole thing!!  There was even an incident where I ripped the fondant in places, so I used more buttons to cover up the mistakes.

I didn't even secure the words and number...yikes!

But Button didn't seem to mind!

If he was happy, I was happy!!

A little help from big brothers to blow out the candle,
 and it was time to dig in.

And, yes, I couldn't resist, a bib to go with the theme!  
I designed an applique/embroidery design.  After I perfect the stitches, I will probably add it to the new Etsy store too.

He wasn't too sure about it...and he never really got that messy!  He struggles with solid foods right now, so we just let him play.  

He actually ate more than we thought!  Sorry no messy icing hair pictures!  He was too neat.

Button's Birthday WEEK is finally done....and I am tired! 
  Too bad, Butter's is right around the corner....ugh...


  1. He would have had a funner time with the frosting and a bigger piece of cake if you gave it to him. I know you didn't want to clean the mess. Been there done that. He's so cute anyway, and for the record, you shouldn't tell everyone your mistakes. Next time take the compliments and go with it. Shhhh. You are a great mom and very creative if I do say so myself; and if I lived closer, we could go into business together. hehehe. Aaron and Paul would be in for it. lol. Love ya. great job.

  2. did have icing and we gave him a glob..but he wasn't interested. He is very shy of solid foods, seriously! I was NOT worried about the mess! Now, if we gave him a bowl of water? Watch out!

    And I let everyone know my mistakes because I like to keep it real :)! I am not perfect, and don't pretend to be! But I still take compliments!!!

    And yes, if we could get you closer to ME...because I am not moving to would be grand!

  3. Everything looks great. I have to admit I'm not big on birthdays and like to keep them very low key.

  4. I think everything looked wonderful! IMO imperfections add parties usually have lots of character!;) The cake turned out super cute and I didn't think it looked like a hat atall. How did you get those cute buttons? Did you have or make a mold? I love the face he is making at the lit candle and how serious he look eatting a a little piece. I hope he had a wonderful birthday!! Great Job Mom!!!

    1. The buttons are a mold! You just sprinkle with cornstarch to keep from sticking and press the fondant right in! Easy-peasy!!!


  5. Jealous. Sigh. See, next year, I could totally copy. But create???? Nope. I stink.

    But oh, how precious these pictures are!

    You know what I love best? That he is as bald as Luke, and that he was neat and somewhat unsure of the cake as Luke was!!! Luke is somewhat solids shy too...he and textures are still working things out!!!!

    ADORABLE!!! xoxoxoxo

    1. Totally STEAL! You have my permission! I will even pretend it was ALL your idea, okay?!?!


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