Monday, February 27, 2012

A Nursery for Button

At long last, a year after he is born, I am sharing Button's nursery...
as promised.....

But to be fair...

He was born in February.  We did not buy a single thing for him until after he was born. The only thing we had was his cradle in our bedroom and his car seat in a box in the garage.

We bought his bedding over a week after he was born.  We didn't paint his room until the beginning of May.  He moved up to his room mid-May.  I started his window treatments in August before his baptism.  I finished and hung them at the end of September.

Sharing it just 5 months later, isn't too shabby?


The Before, of course!! 

 The twin bed, dresser, and nightstand have made their rounds.  It was Bunny's "big boy" bed with Noah's Ark decorations and Butter's "I finally have my own room" bedroom with leftover maps and ships from our old house's game room!  It was definitely hodgepodge to say the least! 

 We used the room for about 4 months to store the items we didn't donate or make my "stash" cut after Butter moved to what used to be the guest room. We also had to buy a new crib.  

When Mr. Boss started talking about using wire to "Jerry-rig" the 14 year old crib, I put my foot down!

Crib Bedding

I feel terrible that I didn't make something, but it seemed the wisest see how much I have gotten done in a year?   
The jumping off point? Kids Line Mosaic Transport Bedding set from Babies R Us.
This set spoke to me because I loved the colors. The blue, brown and green on the crisp white was very appealing to me.  I really wanted something light and not heavy and dark! 

I also loved the different textures of fabrics.

And most of all?
The embroidery, of course!

And yes...I keep bumpers in.  No need for lectures...I know, I know.


Mr. Boss painted the entire room with a complimentary blue paint.  We then worked together to draw out my 18 inch wide stripe of white.  For a crisp line...Frog tape is your friend!  I came back with the green and stenciled my "stitching".

Inspiration for the paint treatment?

Ripped from Pottery Barn Kids Catalog

I found this photo and another that I liked from my Pottery Barn catalog.  I ripped it out about three months before Button was born.  I thought it was a beautiful neutral nursery, even though this one time I was determined to decorate gender-specific!

I was ecstatic when Mr. Boss agreed that the paint treatment would be fun!

I found the "button" to mimic the stitching online, copied and pasted it on a word document, then stretched it out to the width I wanted.  I then laid quilt template plastic over the printout and filled it in with a sharpie.  A not so clean cut with my exacto knife, and I was in business with a stencil of sorts!

I ended up liking that it is a bit imperfect.

Wall Decorations

Baby Photos, of course!  The special photos my friend took the few weeks after he was born.
I had to frame them all!!!  He already had a bit of a personality so early.

And to help balance the photos, I had to have transportation on the walls.

Wall decals that came in sets like it showed on the backside of the kit.  I decided to completely copy the backside for each frame!

It was as simple as sticking them to art boards the size of the frames I found on sale at Hobby Lobby.  I chose really simple brown frames to give the room a modern touch to offset the very feminine sleigh bed and crib.

Window Treatments

I decided to copy my idea of making the window treatments have a stripe to match the paint treatment like I did for the Big Boys room!

I designed all of the embroidery/applique and wove the ribbon in and out.  I have a "tutorial" of sorts I might post...

I hope to share the applique/embroidery on Etsy soon, but things are so busy around here lately!

Twin Bed

First...I love the lines of this bed.

I found the sheets at Target, and the old denim is a leftover from the boys' old room.   I have tossed more ideas than you can imagine making a decision about this bed.

Right now, I really like the pop of the white of the blanket, and hoped that I could use the off-white fabric I had cut awhile back, but it didn't look good with the white everywhere else.  

But, no worries...

I have a stack of fabrics that I will figure something, right?


 The rocker has been in our family room, game room, and the nursery for the last 15 years!  It was my very first Mother's Day gift in 1997.  So it had to stay!

Right now, it holds the crib quilt...however it is on the docket for a new cushion!


Love this thing!  


It has a lot of storage and a great place to display some favorites.

 A maternity photo frame and matted by myself!  Lamps that I bought from Walmart about 7 years ago, and my favorite pair of shoes...he only wore once.

And some fun board books and a ceramic truck that came from his great-aunt and uncle filled with flowers.  They didn't even know that transportation was his theme!  


 A sweet nightlight from Target and another lamp and shade from my "stash"!  And one more maternity photo.  

I love this one of Bunny!  He was so excited for Button to come...his dream of being a big brother so bruised by the loss of his baby sister!  This photo says it all!

The most cherished item of the whole nursery? 
 The only reason I can sleep with him out of my sight.

It alarms if there is no movement from your baby in 20 seconds. It has given us a bit of a fright when it has alarmed, but it was always for a good reason. 

 If you ever want to buy someone a fabulous baby shower gift...this is a good one...especially if they have experienced the loss of a baby.  It is truly my guardian "angel".

Oh?  Where is the changing table?

Why in the closet, of course!?!??!

With the two beds, there wasn't room for a changing table, and his closet seemed to fit the build despite the funky angles inside.

I also keep extra frames on the shelf.

And these shelves in the closet store all his books.  My hope is that when he gets older and no longer needs the crib, we will get him a nice bookcase to put in it's place!

And I apologize for all of the different quality photos.  I think the REAL reason I haven't posted his room is that every time I take photos, I cannot get the right color/tint/light.  It is a very bright room, but it plays funny games with my camera!!! 

And it might have to do with the fact that there are a few things I still need and want to do!  Maybe by the time he is ready to move to the big boy bed?


  1. I need decorating help! :P
    This is so cute... great job Mama! :)

  2. WWWWoooowww, I missed so many entries while being away with my family!!!! First of all "Happy birthday, Button!!!" I loved that entry! And now his room, it looks beautiful. You and your husband did a great job!!!

  3. I love all the little details! The stitch painting is adorable! I love how clean and calm it looks. Great job!

  4. I can -never- get the colouring right on indoor photos!
    Don't ask me why, but the maternity photos got my all sniffly and teary. That is a lovely room for your littlest man.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Love the room, it looks great! We just bought the same bedding for our son. We are having a hard time picking a wall color. O you remember the name/ brand of the blue you used?


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