Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Little Master Yoda

This is a BIG deal in our house!  Bunny (our 9 yr old) was about 18 months when he was fascinated with Star Wars.  He sat and watched all five episodes in a row (the sixth wasn't out in theaters yet).  

Mr. Boss was out of town and it was a Saturday.  

That day is one that I will never forget.  Each episode would end and he woudl say "more, mommy?".  And if you know, Star Wars movies are pretty DEAD at certain parts and he didn't take his eyes off.
So the fact that James watched a bit of one of the episodes with his big brothers.

Wonder why they can't take their eyes off the television....

Wooooahh....that is cool!

Oops, you caught me mom...I really like it!!

  Now he stops any and all activity to watch the new commercials for Star Wars in 3D...this had us DYING!

11 months seems a bit too early for this.  George Lucas has done it again....


  1. I have never seen a Star Wars movie and neither have my children. I feel like a bad Mom :0)

  2. Very cute video! My oldest just asked to watch Jar Jar yesterday. He is about to turn 3 and loves the movies as well. Stars wars came up when we were talking about birthady themes. Wesa will see. ;)

  3. I have loved star wars since i was little too, not that young but i am a girl maybe it takes longer for the magic to work. lol your sons are adorable!

    1. It was the first non-Disney movie I saw in the theaters and means so much to me....but I was much older too! The only reason I think he was interested because I had bought the DVD set just to have!! Who knew?


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