Friday, March 2, 2012

My Favorite Apps

I am loving my iPad more and more these days.  At first, it was just a way for me to read emails.  I am not a huge fan of my iPhone for apps(too small for me), so the iPad was a very good choice for this "touch" challenged mom.

If you ever want a laugh, come on over to our house and join the boys in their utter glee in watching me struggle with my new iPhone!

Anyway, a few favorites I'd like to share for my fellow bloggers. 
(Disclaimer:  I am not getting paid for any of these reviews, I just like to share my thoughts on things with others.  It's just the way I roll, as my oldest says!)


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My friend.  It allows me to make to do lists galore.  I am a list girl.  I make lists to make to do lists.  I make lists of things I have already done so that I can just check it off, or strike through in a way to say DONE!

When we bought the Mac, I knew I had to succumbed to the fact that I just didn't want to work out of Outlook and Parallel programs.  I hunted and searched and found this great app!  I love how I can have folders.  Folders for blogs, tutorials, sewing projects, shopping lists, and school projects.   
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 My favorite part?  Due Dates, Notes, and Priorities!  My Hotlist lets me know if a sewing order or commissioned quilt is due soon based on my priority rating.  I love being able to add notes on each item, fabric requirements, applique name it! 
Access your toodledo account on your home computer, also.

Best app ever for this "list" girl!
Cost: $2.99
Want it? HERE
*increased costs for premium subscriptions

Quilt Block Fab App

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This is a fun app!  I haven't really explored it full potential because I am too busy with finishing current quilts.  It isn't a quilt design app, but it gives you quick looks at designs, colors and layouts!
I have fiddled around with a few blocks and patterns while I sit in the carpool line or a doctor's office!
Cost:  Free
Want it? HERE

Joann Fabrics

 Coupons anyone?  They will punch the code right there and then.  I have also used the app coupons in conjunction with my paper fliers!

  Cost: Free
Want it?  HERE

Quilt Dreams 

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 This app is for when you are looking at fabrics at the store and just aren't sure if they really are getting along with each other.

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You simply take a picture of the fabric and place it into blocks.
I need to spend more time on it to get to know it a little better!

Cost: $3.99
Want it:  HERE

Quilt Calculator

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Having trouble figuring out how much fabric to buy? 
 I have an awesome quilt calculator by Calculated Industries.

But I ALWAYS manage not to have it when I am standing at the quilt shop dreaming up a new quilt in my head!

 I just like the colors on the app, too.

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Seriously, I can never get enough of measuring tapes. 

They make me happy!

Cost: FREE
Want it: HERE 

*Also available on androids!

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express
I love my Photoshop elements, but occasionally, I take a photo of my projects on my phone or see something at the store and want to upload it to Facebook or my blog.

However, not every photo is "ready" at that very moment and needs some editing!

Image Credit
I am in
LOVE with this app!

Cost: FREE
Want it: HERE.

*May only be available on iPhone 4
*some extra borders require purchase

Hope you can have as much fun as I do with my iPad and iPhone!

Know any other good apps that you would recommend to me?


  1. Heidi, I love the calculator, I have that one. I think you need Quilt Across Texas. It uses your location (in Texas only) and will show you on a map where your closest Quilt shops are. It is great when you are traveling around or stay in different city. Also, Quilters Club of America has Find QUilt Shops that is for the entire US. I found it after the Texas one! Great little iphone apps.

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  3. I have had the 'robert kauffman' calculator for a while on my phone and I LOVE IT!!! also Photo shop express is available for free for android users as well :) Happy downloading ladies and gents.


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