Saturday, March 10, 2012

Getting rid of the boys

At least from my blog.

Not MY boys, but the word boys.


Sometime this weekend my blog URL will change.

I despise change.  
 But sometimes it is for the good. Like my new haircut?!?!?

Weird angle because I had Mr. Boss take a picture.   I never can remember how it is supposed to be styled the next day!

I bought a URL a two years ago in anticipation of having an online store.  

Much to my dismay, the cost of having a shopping cart website and the costs of design, and finding a reasonable website host was a bit pricey for a basically non-existent store that I didn't have.  
I always seem to dream BIG!

However, I have discovered that I like to do projects for others here and there, but really don't like to make items to keep a shop stocked with goodies.  And managing custom items is easily done through my FB page and email!

I realized I had just hanging in the wind.
It is time to take it off the laundry line and use it.
It is 12 characters shorter, and is more to the point!  

For this blog.

Everything I read claims that this SHOULD be a smooth transition.  I am not changing my blog host, I am just changing the URL.  
All traffic when it goes to will be re-directed to the new URL.
You will also see a new blog header in the midst of all of this!

So do me a favor, would you?  
Pretty please...

Can you make sure that I am still here next week?

I am worried that I will be lost back in the vast internet. 
 I don't want my little corner of it to be completely obliterated!
I feel very at home here!


  1. cute haircut! I'm jealous... we'll make sure you don't go anywhere

  2. Change is GREAT! And your haircut looks AMAZING! 8-)) !!

  3. you look great! And I will follow you wherever your go. Does that sound crazy??? haha.

  4. Cute hair cut Heidi! Yes, change is good in small doses! I will so agree on that one. Or change is good on my own!

  5. Such a cute haircut!! We will def. make sure you are still here.:)


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