Monday, March 19, 2012

March Madness

Remember the Cream squares that I had cut up from the daybed coverlet here?  I have finished it and am calling the quilt 


Madness that I thought the color would work with Button's nursery...
It is not white and crisp enough.

Madness that I thought I would be able to piece it easily...

It was 1/4 inch thick and had more ravels than I could stand.  My studio is still covered with random bits of it!

Madness that I thought I would just use a home deco fabric as the backing...

I didn't realize how heavy it was going to make it!  I am not even sure if it is truly washable.  It was a remnant from another project!

Madness that I thought I would just stitch in the ditch....

the seams were so thick that I had to make due with 1/4 inch quilting on the inside of each square!  

Madness that I thought Ole Betsy would make it easy......

She and I really struggled making the stretchy fabric stay still and boy...crossing some of those seams so I didn't have to stop/start for each square made it tricky!  I also didn't use the rulers.  It was just too difficult to even try to add another layer near the needle.  I ended up just FMQ and guiding it against the thick seams.  It is very wonky in places!!!

Madness that I thought using some pre-cut binding fabric I had and that I will probably never use would make it easier...

It was a bear going through all the thick layers of the top and the backing!

Madness that I thought it wasn't that big and would be done binding it lickety split.... 

It took me three movies and two March Madness NCAA basketball  Tournament games.  I will remember it always as the quilt that kept my hands busy while stressing out during my alma mater Marquette University played the feisty Murray State Team!

 The only good thing is that I relegated this quilt to my studio chair and a half!  

The fur-babies like to hang out in here with me and I am tired of dog hair all over me when I am doing any of my handwork in my sanctuary watching my movies.

They love it...even when I take pictures outside.

But, really?
 I named it Madness because Mr. Boss thinks that I am a bit mad for spending so much time on a quilt for the dogs...


  1. I love the quilt and I love your pups!!!

  2. First off I like it! Second I have SO been there! Denim for future reference isnt that much fun to quilt either!

  3. It looks good. I admire you for finishing it!

  4. I'm glad you finished it! I'll have to remember that some things may be best reused as not-a-quilt. Sounds like it was a challenge, but it looks good and hopefully will hold up well for the dogs!

  5. OMG!!!! I missed this post!!!! Madness....that is the perfect name for it!!!! Sorry but this time I think your husband was a bit are mad!!!!!!LOL

  6. be crazy but the dogs are happy with the quilt!!!


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