Friday, September 20, 2013

Shuffle the Deck {Quilt}

I tasked the gals in our Imagine @ do. good stitches group to go SATURATED pink, purple, orange, and green.  Boy, did they!!!  They totally came through for me!!!

I worked up a classic Card Trick Tutorial, the same block, just in two different sizes.   

Piecing it together went quickly.

It sat for a bit because I had a bunch of other quilts in line for my longarm with deadlines.  I also struggle a bit with pieced backings.  I feel pressure to make them perfect.  Silly, right?  I was happy that I had a ton of this Simply Color Orange Ikat.  It is supposed to be for my son's Highlighter quilt backing, but he declared that he wanted minky. 

I decided to piece all the extra triangles the ladies sent me with their blocks.  There are extra when you put together the blocks. 

I also was stumped with deciding to do quilting.  I figured it was better to go simple and not waste a ton of time since I need to mail it to Threading Hope.  Meandering was the best choice.

I thought I had a ton of green, until I looked at my stash.
Ended up with solid Kona Sour Apple as the binding.

Overall?  Super happy with this.  The quilt is tumbling in my dryer as I type this post!
  It will be off to Threading Hope next week!

I am still working on the final .pdf pattern to share with everyone! I will be sure to post it soon!! This school year has left me running to countless football practices and games, open houses, teacher meetings, and room mom chores.  

I also have now tried to recruit quilt holders.  I have usually laid mine out on the ground or found some sorta way to hang them...but I see people with "Quilt helpers" all the time.

I had a ton of shots, but they usually ended up like this.

Or this

I miss these guys goofing off with each other all day, even though they are horrible helpers.
I want summer back......


  1. I love this quilt so colorful, it makes me feel happy only looking at it!

  2. I'd forgotten how much I love the Card Trick block. Thanks for reminding me with your vibrant, colorful quilt.

  3. I love the finished quilt and the backing and binding are perfect!


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