Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Never Just One Thing {WIP Wednesday}

I am always hoping that I will only have ONE thing to share on WIP Wednesday, but I can never manage it.  I always wonder what everyone is thinking about me!!!


My Aunt's quilt is done.

I just finished the quilt label last night so I can mail it off to her!

Charlie's Whale Song Quilt

 It and a few other things are on their way to Seattle as I type and you read. 

I am going to post his final quilt photos/post Thursday.  
 It will be my kickoff post for the online auction that I have been involved in for he and his family! 

 Keep an eye out!

In Progress:

Giant Christmas Star

I have this mess up on my design wall. 

I am rearranging to try to get the perfect balance.
  I REALLY need this to go quick!

Shuffle The Deck

Is loaded on my longarm. 

 I am praying for a certain wee one to sleep in this morning so I can quilt it before he wakes up and gets into my business. I am going simple meander for this one.

 New Project:
Pajama Memory Quilt

There are two bins filled to the brim with a friend's pajamas.  It's a long story and I will share all the details in the near future.  I can tell you that they have been at my house since Spring.  I need to scan them and get her a mockup of the pattern to her by this Friday.

Why Friday?
She will be there and I "see" her tapping her foot with her arms crossed in my head!
(in her defense, she won't...she is too nice for that.  I'm more worried I will disappoint her)

The biggest problem is that I am excited to see my friends and work on my family albums,.
However, that I am completely unprepared. No photos or any new supplies.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Based on my past, do you think I can get all of the things I need to get done in time?!?!?
Because I certainly just couldn't just have ONE thing, right?


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