Saturday, October 1, 2016

Barn Bats {Quilted Throw Pillows}

 When I made my Checkmate quilts, I wanted to cover the long rectangular pillows that belong on each chair.  Since they are a teal blue, they don't really match much?

I really wanted to use up every bit of the leftover Lost and Found fabric.  I remembered that the Barn Bat pillow I made before, didn't really use up much fabric.  Instead of a bunch of rows, I knew I wanted to make a single row with black background.

My original intention was to use the variegated thread, 
that I still have leftover from my Spiders and Web Quilt in 2011.

But then I realized that I didn't want it to be read as much purple/pink as I originally thought and spread out the color over the pink.

I started to add black to add some depth to it.

And then a dark (not shown) and light gray like above.

When I felt like I had enough of the lighter color, I filled the rest in with black again.  Excuse the lint!  I tried everything to remove it and finally figured out my handheld vacuum with the roller brush did the trick!!!

You can see above that funky dot I used for the backing of the quilted front, and the googly eyes for the hidden zipper backs.  Both are scraps from leftover backing and binding from a commissioned Trick or Treat Quilt.  Black zippers I had on hand and then I had some more of that lovely black and white stripe from the Lost and Found collection.

I love that I used a bunch of scrap and stash to make these two coordinating pillows happen!
  I'm loving this years plan of using all the bits and pieces of a precut until the last drop!!!

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