Monday, October 24, 2011

Spiders and Webs Quilt

I finished it this week!

This is a HUGE feat since, like I have said before, I am a not a Halloween expert.   After doing my Haunted Mansion Mantle and this quilt, I can honestly say that we are picking up the spirit around the house.  The boys (and I mean dear hubby, too), and I had a grand time scheming and shopping for outdoor decorations this year!

I'm also excited because the tutorial for this quilt is at the Moda Bake Shop! 
 I'd love for you to go there and see!

Yes!!! I am now a Moda Bake Shop chef. 

I may or may not have squealed when they approved my application!  

For those of my followers who don't know, Moda is a Fabric company that quilters love.  The Bake Shop is known for the different pre-cut fabrics they provide.  My job is to make projects with them.   How awful, right!

Button was pleased too....

It was a quilt that was out of my comfort zone.  
Bright Halloween colors.  Busy fabrics.  
And variegated thread for the quilting!

I had planned to do a different quilting scheme than the final product.  I actually struggled with whether I was going to FMQ (free motion quilt) or stitch in the ditch or echo quilt.

But when I sat down with those crazy colors.  The movie Coraline came to mind.

The variegated thread was just begging me to mimic that swirl and spiral!  As soon as I started doing a spiral, I realized that I nailed it.  I didn't have to be perfect.  Primitive and uneven were the name of the game.

It is one of my most favorite "cartoon" movie.  Spooky.   Beautiful.  Juxtaposition of gray tones and bright colors.  The movie has tiny handmade items like Coraline's sweater.

I especially love the buttons in the movie.

   I love Buttons!!!

This is him taking off....just started crawling on all fours last week!

We already used the quilt this past weekend.  Family Movie Night at the boys' school.  It is actually the largest quilt that I have made and kept.

So, no, I am not giving this away, no matter how much you ask.....
Even Button agrees.
If looks could kill.........

He says go make your own with My Tutorial!



  1. I opened up the new Bake Shop post when I saw it in my reader this morning and saw your name on it and totally said "OMG, it's Heidi!" Congrats on becoming a Chef! The quilt is seriously cute, I will be keeping that one bookmarked!

  2. Oh My Gosh!! I love this quilt! It came out amazing. If my son sees this he is really gonna want me to move my Halloween quilt up on my to-do list, haha. And Button...he is adorable!

  3. Congrats! The quilt is great and I can't believe Button is on the go already.

  4. Thanks everyone!~

    And yes...not only is he crawling...the very next day he decided to pull up. However, he did not get the memo that you need to hold on.

    His noggin and the tile floor beg to differ.

  5. Hi. I saw this over on Moda's Bake Shop but wanted to visit your blog to thank you again for such a great pattern.

  6. Yay! Congrats on the new Chef title!! Adorable quilt! Sadly with everything I have going on my holiday sewing has yet to is sitting in it's lonely corner waiting for me. In between Oct and Nov we have 5 birthdays so not alot of time for the things I want to get done. Oh and I am in love with that last pic of your little Button.....he is so stinkin' cute! Congrats on his milestones!

  7. You are the most talented girl I "know"! I'm so excited that you go featured on moda bakeshop.That is awesome!

  8. This is a great quilt! Congratulations on the Bake Shop gig, and for stretching your skills!

  9. with that look I think my child needs that smaller quilt. Thank you Heidi.from Argentina!

  10. I love the tutorial. Thanks! Also, what is that gadget that you used to make the binding. It looked like it was folding it and ironing it! I want one of those but don't know what to call it to look it up.

    1. Hi Jennie!!

      This made me chuckle because I am making a second one right now in all black and white. I was checking back on my tutorial to remember the measurements!

      The machine is called Simplicity Bias Tape Machine. You can buy it online, but they are also available at Joann's and Walmart. A lot of gals get REALLY good deals or have good coupons on hand!!

      ~ Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Congrats so much becoming a Moda Bake Shop Chef and your quilt is beautiful! I just submitted a quilt idea to become a chef also and I now I have to try to wait patiently. I was wondering (if you don't mind me asking) how long was it between submitting your idea and hearing back? Thanks so much!


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