Saturday, October 8, 2011

Blogger Comments

I have heard complaints from family and friends...including those with Google accounts that they are unable to leave comments or they have been disappearing when you try to submit them on my blogs. 
This could be the answer to this perplexing problem!!!

If you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox, just go to your privacy settings and set them to accept third-party cookies.   I recall having to do this for another internet problem I had a while back.  It must be the cure all for internet "issuations"*  

*this is a Bean-ism.  He loves to take two words and make a new one...issue + situation = issuations.  He is a genius, no?

I got this tip from Spotted Stones yesterday.  

She rocks my quilting world with her blog.  So the fact that she may have solved my friend's and family's problems makes her a superstar in my book.

Feel free to check her out!


  1. What also helps, when you sign into Blogger don't click (or unclick) the stay signed in button. I know it is a pain to have to sign in all the time but I found that this allows you to leave comments on bloggs.

  2. I've been having trouble with some blogs, thank you!


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