Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I'm stunned that I actually have been making progress on my WIPS!!!  That is a big deal to me.  It almost scares me!

Halloween Quilt

It is a bit of a secret project to be honest, so I can't reveal too much.  

I promise, it will be showing itself sooner than later!

Baby boy quilt has been designed and approved

And I now have 64 muslin squares, but only 60 cotton fabric squares.

I decided to change the color of this picture to show my depression.....

I thought I had enough of the brown dotted fabric. 


Only FOUR squares short!!!

I tried to find an alternative that I liked, but it just ruins the mood of the quilt.  

Anyone know the name/manufacturer?!?!

Fabric Covered Balls

Made these this past week HERE....hope to do a few more.  

Fabric project 

Just fooling around with an idea.

A little hand embroidery on a circle for covered buttons. 
Wondering what I might be doing with that? 

Me too..........

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  1. That is a very small 4! I am impressed.
    I look forward to seeing the Halloween quilt. It looks like a fun one!

  2. I like the Baby Boy quilt design! And I don't recognize that dot print, good luck with getting some more!

  3. Your Halloween quilt looks like it will be very cool. I haven't seen that brown dot before, sorry I can't help.


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