Friday, December 16, 2011

Dare me?

I need someone to triple dog dare me....

This lovely quilt would have to be done by the morning of Dec 22nd.

......and I do not have those lovely fabrics.

I still have to put the burlap ribbon that just arrived on the tree.

I still need to wrap "Santa" presents.

I still need to address the Holiday cards that arrived in the mail. 

I still have finish writing the letter, not to mention print out 100 of them to add to the cards.

I still have a few decoration updates.

I still need to do throw pillows for still looks like Fall around here.

I still have to make a baby quilt and , oh yeah, "Make Two"  like I promised.

I just read everything I just wrote and realized that I know there is more on my list and I am going to be unavailable Monday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon.


Go ahead.

Christmas Story:  The DARE to stick his tongue to the cold/freezing flagpole!

Dare me.

Because I think I am going to chicken out...

Or just feel free to knock some sense into me!!!


  1. It's such a pretty quilt! How much insane-er do you want to be?

  2. If Mrs Claus comes to my house I know where I would tell her to go instead!!!

  3. First off, I love that movie! ( And my husband can't stand it!)

    And second, GO GET EM! Christmas would not be Christmas if you didn't get a little outta control with projects and to do lists. <3

  4. I agree, it is a pretty quilt and well sleep is OVERRATED...

  5. I agree, I would not be christmas if we didint put more and more on our to do list. I love the look of it and I'd try to give it all a go! BOL and I will be watching to see how you do :o) Hugs, Sharon

  6. Oh gosh. Just DO IT! That's what 5 hour energy was invented for!

  7. Triple dog dare you! Sorry, I have no logic left in me these days. :P You'll sleep in 2012.

  8. It is a beautiful quilt! Channel your inner Buddy the Elf. And stick to the Elf food groups ;) ...

    ~"We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup."~

    Oh and I love the Christmas Story! I have it on DVD and secretly watch it throughout the year when no one is home. ;)

    Emily: ~"Did you sleep okay last night?"
    Buddy: ~"Great. I got a full fourty minutes and I had time to build that rocking horse."~

    Merry Christmas!!


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