Monday, June 25, 2012

The Useless Nook

All my projects are in so many different stages of completion right now and I have no pictures of them, so I thought I would share a "decorating" project I recently finished.

I am not sure if you recall Meemah's Quilts

They were my payment for making William's Quilt for a good friend of mine!

I was not quite sure what I was going to do with the amazing vintage, hand sewn Cathedral Window square quilts. 

I have good news....They found their new home.  

I call it the Useless Nook.

Have you seen these types of spaces?  These areas above doorways for you to decorate? 
When we moved into this house, I envisioned a Christmas tree in the winter, summer baskets in the spring/summer, a beautiful fall tableau.  

Ha!  Four years later, it still remained empty. It was such a weird and awkward space and I had other things that I needed to give my attention to that were MUCH more useful.

Until I found the wagon. Ridiculous, but a nod to the Ole West.  We do live in Texas now!

Then I found an over-sized lantern a HIDEOUS fake black bamboo ladder and painted it taupe.

And hung Meemah's quilts...right where they belong!!!!!!

I just love it up there now!

But it is still the USELESS Nook.  
Just the Useless Nook where I get to see Meemah's Quilt everyday!!!

NOTE: And for those who might be worried...I promise, the windows are tinted with UV no fading!  We learned our lesson when we first moved down here to Houston.  I have a former deep red couch that is now a faded red!  I actually think they are the reason I have such a hard time taking indoor pictures.

  I have to really open up my aperture and decrease shutter speed (I think that is what I do...I am still quite an amateur at this photography stuff).  And then still ramp up the brightness when I edit my photos!


  1. Well done, you have decorated that "useless Nook" (I have never seen anything like that before) perfectly :o)

    1. My first encounter was when we moved here to the Houston area. Quite a few homes seemed to have them!

  2. What a fabulous use of that space. Your own little museum!

  3. The quilts look great in the useless nook. But how do you get up there? A very giant ladder? I think if I were a kid in that house I'd be forever wanting to play in it.

  4. My sister has a useless nook JUST like that in her house. It made me laugh. I suggested she set up a short zipline to it from the loft hallway. Or use it as a time out spot. ;)

  5. I love it! At the holidays you could even add some goodies in the wagon! Pumpkins for the fall and trees at Christmas! Unless it's a pain to get up there...then I wouldn't mess with it...hahaha!


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