Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIP: Overbooked

Monday night, I decided to sit down and really truly write down all my projects and see where I was at for the end of June.

This is upside down because this is how I feel!!!

It doesn't look good.  I scratched out Tuesdays because they are cleaning, tutoring, and lesson day. It is a pipe dream to even think I can answer emails on that day!  I am overbooked. I did it to myself.  Some of it can wait.  Some of it is for me.  I imagine that I will shove them to the next month....and the next....and the next.....

But good news.  Finishes and progress!!!


Flip Flop Pillow

  It is just a fun outdoor pillow for the chaise lounge poolside..nothing too serious!   To find out the is HERE.  I have been inspired to do a radically different pillow for inside the house...but that is going on my "wait and see" list now!

In Progress:
 Twins Quilt 

I finished the appliqued names and the animals!!
 I am happy that they are similar, but have some subtle differences.
 They are ready to go visit Ole Betsy.
But Elephant needs his ear and eye.

And Giraffe needs his eyes first!
Teacher Thank You gifts.
Since school is over, I have been working slowly.  None of the mug rugs are in a completely finished state. 
I just grab my little $0.99 straw bag and work on them here and there. 
 I am vastly worried about why I am even doing them!  School has been over for 12 days now.  Mail them?  Or just wait and give them at the beginning of the school year?  Thoughts!??!
No Progress: 
Retro QAL 
Twin quilt for nursery
Christmas quilt 
Baby girl quilt kit 
Thank you quilt 
Merry, Merry Snowman BOM (I realized that the FIFTH block is on it's way....haven't started??!?!?YIKES!!!)

New Project:
Violet's Quilt

Violet's Quilt

Not necessarily a new project, but just haven't been counting it on my WIPs because I wasn't sure when I was ever going to truly start has been in design phase for awhile.  It is for a special momma. She has memorabilia and sweet Violet's urn on a shelf.  She asked me to make a "shelf quilt" for her.

A Flying Geese border is my focus right now.  Strange for me to work on a border first, but the center will go quickly since it is going to be machine embroidered!

Foundation piecing: Flying Geese

Foundation piecing seemed the best choice since I was too tired last night to try the "easy" methods and my triangles are 1 inch tall and 2 inches wide.  I really want them to be accurate versus fast.

Violet embroidery design

I practiced my embroidery design that I edited and digitized from an image I found.   After stitching it out and realizing that 28 inches is REALLY long (it is almost as long as a small tablerunner!) I have decided to change the design a bit more.....stay tuned...

I hope that I can meet all the commitments I have in the next 17 days. 



  1. I like the flip flop cushion!! And the twins quilts are looking nice!!
    Teachers gifts????? Put them aside now so you have more time for whatever deadline you have. After that...finish them and keep them for the end of next year!!!!! This year is gone already.!! LOL

    1. I have been leaning that way myself...I think I just needed someone to tell me it was so!!! I will tinker with them here and there! Deadlines first! ;)

  2. All your applique is beautiful! So cute and tasteful. I am determined to learn to applique soon. Sorry that you have so many deadlines, but I'm sure you can achieve everything you need!

  3. Popping in from Lee's - your flip flop pillow is awesome, I love your twin quilts, and Violet's quilt is going to be beautiful.
    I agree with Gra - save the teacher gives for next year. :)

  4. so pretty!
    And good luck with all your projects friend!

  5. I have also been over scheduling myself, but not too much in the crafting world. I also get the teacher gift, sometimes those hard deadlines are the easiest ones to procrastinate on and we work on something with less pressure. Good Luck and enjoy!

  6. Can't remember if I commented on the flip flop pillow earlier, but SO cute! I was going to say for the teacher gifts to put them in the mail when you finish them... they enjoy someone thinking of them in the summer! But if it's stressing you out, then by all means put them aside!

  7. Your twins quilt is sweet! I am amazed at all that you get done. :)

  8. All of your projects are looking fablous Heidi! As for the mug rugs wait until school starts to give them out. Oh, I do love the flip flop pillow too!


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